How come people are so hostile in this section?!

Question: How come people are so hostile in this section?
This is an honest question. I come here looking for a nice and simple answer and I get just about everyone yelling at me for simple things and not even answering my question. I know you get attacked, but if you wanted to help people and actually have a chance of people listening to you about what you believe is true, why not be kinder? More welcoming?


Yes, I am shocked at some of the answers I read here. I think you were treated unfairly in your previous question. To me, this is exactly the sort of place people should be able to come and ask questions like your bee/honey question.

Many here are always on the defensive though because of a few regular trolls (meat eaters who only visit this one category - they must have been feather-whipped by a veg*n in their past life and have an axe to grind!), and a constant stream of visiting trolls (who must have been ditched by a veg*n lover or something and want to take it out on all veg*ns). I sympathise but try to keep myself nice, believing that is the best way to advertise a veg*n lifestyle.

Vegetarianism is a diet culture, practice their culture this diet is called vegetarian, this [is]
Some people do not eat vegetarian animals from all parts made of food, including animal fat, animal glue. Or different cultures around the world under different vegetarian, some vegan edible honey, milk and eggs, and some are not. Vegetarian, showing a return to nature, back to health and protection of the global environment of a return to basics of cultural ideas. Vegetarian, in addition to balanced nutrition for the purity of natural, but also can experience the extra out of the city's hustle and desire pleasure.
In the United States, 1 / 10 of population, Britain has a 1 / 6 of the population have or are considering becoming a vegetarian. Quietly vegetarian culture spread, so more and more vegetarian as a global fashion label. Vegetarian, has become a new environmentally friendly, healthy lifestyle.

I completely agree, people should be kinder in this section - both omnivores and vegans/vegetarians. I guess people get pretty defensive when they have strong beliefs about things that are often attacked. I agree though, if us veggies want people to listen to us, we have to be nice. People are more likely to agree with us, and if not, at least they are informed. Sorry for people being rude and I hope your question was answered :)

13 year old vegan :)

Have a look at the Politics and Religion & Spirituality section. Anywhere where there will be a polarity (Conservatives vs Liberals in the first example, Christians vs Atheists in the second, Veg*ns vs Meat-Eaters in this one) you will have hostility. And if you ask a question, let your intentions be very clear because you can easily be mistaken for one of the many trolls that post in this section daily.

While I agree with you that people do go somewhat overboard on the subject, I didn't really think the answers you got on that question were hostile. Some people took exception to the fact that you draw the line on what forms of life matter differently than they do-that is their opinion and they are free to have it. You have to expect that when you ask a question on an emotional subject-few people can answer completely objectively when it comes to what they feel is humane.

because veg*ns are here sharing recipes and nutrition information with like minded people and some folks with nothing better to do, who are altogether too interested in my diet log in with their nasty comments, attempting to shock, terrify, and disgust the people here.

I cant imagine that if you logged into this section, and asked a legitimate non-trolling question, that you would have been met with any sort of negative backlash other than the usual 12 year old adolescent boys.

Not just this section but every place on the net its like that. You should read youtube. People are very mean and nasty.

I guess people find comfort in sitting behind the computer screen saying mean, nasty, and degrading things to others. It makes them feel better about themselves. Wake up the next day.. go to there boring job and crappy life. Most are unhappy with there life weather it be job, love, or anything and they seek to take it out on more successful individuals or people who strive to reach goals.

I'm not mean to vegans or vegetarians, because I myself was one for 11 years... but there are lots of vegans/veggies who are very preachy, and often ill-informed. So when we upload a pic to facebook of our turkey at Thanksgiving, we don't need to hear things like "I am glad I'm not a murderer who eats dead rotting birds".

If you're not like that, don't take it personally. They only really dislike the 'Vegangelists'.

I seen the people who were rude to you in your last question and I thumbs downed them. Food is kind of a touchy subject for a couple of different reasons. One being it is fuel for life.


You are a liar. You came here looking for a fight and provoke everyone to not answer your question. You attack people and are not kind at all. Nobody listens to you. I do not welcome you.


I thought it was because extreme opposing viewpoints foster extreme responses.

That, or not eating meat makes some people cranky. Or getting their meat-eating threatened makes some people cranky. ;)

The reason why some people are hostile in this section is because like me they are not vegetarians and do not believe the way you do about eating certain things.

Meat eater hate veg*ns. We just reply in kind

It's because we feel that most vegans (not vegetarians) are hippies with nothing better to do than "save the planet" from their kitchens.

Seriously, we can digest meat so we might as well eat it.

Please forgive me. It has just been too long since I've had a juicy sausage stuffed in my hole. It makes a person cranky.

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