What's your favorite vegetarian snacks?!

Question: What's your favorite vegetarian snacks?
I need snackage. :)


Cashew or almond butter on oatcakes
Crudite with vegan guacamole or humous
Nakd bars, i love them lol
Passion fruits
Dried tropical fruits, especially with coconut in
root vegetable crisps
dark chocolate.

I am making me hungry

Oreos. They're Vegan I believe.
And any fruit that's in season. Tons of the fruit in season. This season is mangos. And then in the summer an abundance of more delicious fruit. Haha

Vegetarian for 5 years. :)

-Chips and salsa
-Sun Chips
-Carrots, celery, etc with dip
-Dipping some type of chip in hummus.

Perhaps a jacket potato? Fresh out of the oven with fridge-cold butter, can't beat it

Personal preference

Chips and Salsa -- pretty much the best thing ever!
Nature's Valley makes these great snack bars, my favorite of which is the Peanut Butter! SO GOOD!

Gala apples with caramel dip.
Chips n guacamole.

celery and peanutbutter


Cheese pizza

Chips and dip

Cheese and crackers



soya nuts

carrots...I'm simple

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