Ways to save animals from abuse?!

Question: Ways to save animals from abuse?
I was wondering if you knew of anything that people can do to save animals from abuse and neglect. I love animals so much, and feel bad. I was wondering if you knew of anything I could do.

Thankss<3 And I thank you soo much if you are a person who helps animals, and cares for them. You have a kind heart! <3<3<3


Don't eat them.
Don't wear them.
Don't buy products tested on them (there are tonnes of gorgeous, healthy natural bath and body ranges now...Lush is an excellent example and there are many more!)
If you continue to eat eggs try and find them locally sourced...if you know anyone who has chickens or try and find a local farm where you can go and see the chickens are TRULY free range. If you have your own big garden you could even rehome some battery hens, providing you with eggs and you provide them with a happy retirement!
Support petitions and fund raise for them.
Buy products from animal-friendly charities.
If you have spare time consider donating some of it to an animal shelter. They can also use things like old clothing and newspapers as bedding for their animals, or any spare pet food you might have.
If you wear leather buy it second hand, so no more cows have to die for your boots!

Above all, if you want a pet, ADOPT!!! Don't breed and buy while shelter pets die!

There's a million and one ways to help animals. Don't necessarily think you have to throw money at lots of charities. If you do support charities try supporting local ones, like small local pet shelters and things or local humane farming operations. The big charities spend so much on administration and actually HIRE people to get donations so little of your money goes to where its needed!

The most powerful thing you can do is not to eat them, or the products for which they are abused. If you're not a vegan, give it some thought.
You could make a donation to Farm Sanctuary or another similar organization.
You could volunteer at an animal shelter.

give concertration towards animals properly. not to misuse animals.

the thing is you should care more about the old and the homeless and the disabled. how are you helping them?

-you see what you want to. open your eyes.

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