Do you have a problem with "vegetarian for health reasons"?!

Question: Do you have a problem with "vegetarian for health reasons"?
I ask because I have heard a couple of vegetarians saying being veggie for health reasons is selfish and uncaring about animals. Granted these people will still probably wear leather and so on, but surely vegetarians should be happy that someone is vegetarian regardless of their reasoning? I mean it's not like a rare steak is going to be able to tell the difference between a "health" vegetarian and an "ethics" one.


Dont listen to people who say such idiotic things. Being a vegetarian either way saves animals. People are free to eat whatever they want, be it dirt, ostrich, or salad. Im vegetarian, and Ive had a teacher who has done it for health reasons, and his kids and wife do the same. They're also christians. I wont condemn them to heck for all eternity just because of their reasoning. It doesnt mean that they hate animals. They hate the added hormones and pesticides added to food. They're saving them, still.

I don't have a problem with it at all. I know a woman who breaks out in hives when she comes in contact with animal products, even unknowingly. She vegan for health reasons.

On the other hand, my husband gets hives from many foods containing chlorophyll. He'd die on a vegetarian diet. He's omnivorous for health reasons.

No. The word itself refers to or describes diet only so the reason why is really irrelevant.

People who insist that it should mean something else, often insisting that it should mean something according to them, is one reason why people find many vegetarians ridiculous. Eat off your plate and I'll eat off mine.

I don't have a problem with people who are "vegan/vegetarian for health reasons", as long as they are actually vegan/vegetarian. I know plenty of people who identify as "vegan/vegetarian for health reasons" but eat meat/dairy/eggs on occasion.

It would be ideal if it were for animals, but beggars can't be choosers. So I think it's a good step forward, regardless of motive. The cow that lives wouldn't care about motive.

i have no problem with vegetarian for health reasons.

I don't have a problem with what Anyone eats. I only have a problem with people that care what I eat.

If being a vegetarian will improve your health, then you should just go ahead and be one.
Health is very important

no green vegetable are good for our health

I once asked a guy why he was a vegetarian and his answer was " we are all God's creatures so we shouldn't eat animals" when I asked him why God made him a natural carnivore then he just swore and walked off.

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