Are there any vegan Chinese dishes?!

Question: Are there any vegan Chinese dishes?
We're having some Chinese celebration tomorrow and there's going to be Chinese food. I'm dairy free and for this week I'm not supposed to eat any meat. Any Chinese food I can eat that meets those requirements.


There is tons of vegan chinese food. You need to ask about specific ingredients or provide a menu.

Fried rice and lo-mein tend to have egg in them which is not vegan however rice noodle dishes without meat or eggs tend to be vegan. Some vegetable dishes might use oyster sauce or have meat in it so double check.
Vegan chinese recipes

Your never supposed to eat meat or use anything from an animal. Slavery, abuse and theft are things that have been forbidden for a long long time and the only reason we still do it is because people are ignorant of what goes on to get products and uses out of animals and people can also make a profit.

I would check out this awesome video:

vegan because animals are not property

Cheong Fun with tofu and bean sprouts.
Red bean buns
Fried tofu skins with noodles, coriander and five spice.
Congee with peanuts and soysauce- soooogood.
Fried noodle with green beans
soy bean pudding with fruit jelly
gluten potstickers in sweet sour broth and chinese greens
You Tiao with a bowl of soymlk
Fried Sspring roll with cabbage, tofu and sesame seeds
Ginger and pressed tofu soup
Fried rice and sesame balls with sweet bean filling.

Pei Wei, PF Changs can do any of there dishes with tofu. I live in Dallas and we have several chinese, indian, asian places that have vegan nights on there buffet. If you go to they have a section where you can find where you live and it will tell you all the vegan/vegetarian friendly places near you.

Are you ordering from a restaurant? Why not call ahead and ask? Chinese food traditionally contains no dairy.

-Vegetable fried rice (specify no eggs)
-Vegetable Lo Mein (specify no chicken broth)
-Black bean sauce
-Bean sprout salads or appetizers
-Vegetable spring rolls (ask if they contain eggs) with satay sauce
-Scallion pancakes (ask if they contain eggs)
-Deep fried bean curd
-Garlic or Ginger snow peas
-Yunnan potatoes
-Rice or Wheat Noodles with stir fried broccoli and tofu
-General Tao "Tofu"

Tofu, vegetable lo mein, vegetable fried rice, vegetable spring rolls

Yes sir. You eat de rice riff de duck sause und you eat rettuce.

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