Eatting lot of Fruits body acting really different!?! WTF?!?!

Question: Eatting lot of Fruits body acting really different!?! WTF?!?
I wasn't a junk eater but I was never big on fruits & greens! All of the sudden because I wana get RIPPED I started eating so many different kind of fruits & big plate of 'em like 3 to 4times a day. (All kind of mixed fruits)
Anyways now a lot of things I have noticed, I sweat a lot when I work out, I go to the bathroom like sometimes 4times a day. Im okay now, but the 1st couple of days I felt so sleepy all the time. & couple more stuff where there is such small changes that I can't really put my finger on it. Any ideas? ANYONE!?

(yes I am extremely active) I am a male in my late 20's, 200LBS, 16% body fat. If that helps?!

P.S. I think eatting 99% fruits all day is like a fricking magic pill or something?! Never seen such a HUGE change from doing anything.


The cow milk and milk protein powders are worsening your metabolism and your underlying health. Give up the milk.

Fruit helps the body detox much like water. I'm wondering though since you're extremely active. You need a protein like from nuts, beans, brown rice, cheese, milk, eggs, etc. Here's the amount in grams of protein you should have daily:

Recommended Dietary Allowance for Protein
Grams of protein
needed each day
Children ages 1 – 3 13
Children ages 4 – 8 19
Children ages 9 – 13 34
Girls ages 14 – 18 46
Boys ages 14 – 18 52
Women ages 19 – 70+ 46
Men ages 19 – 70+ 56

If you've swapped cheese sanwiches and fries for salads, no wonder you're tired, eat more- with fruit & veg IN the food.
Leek pie, pea soup, tomato and lima bean casserole, fava bean salad, chickpeas and peas with noodles, carrot bread, apple bran mufin, oatmeal with banana, avocado and veg cheese wholewheat pita, veg curry with brown rice.

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