Gelatin in a vegitarian diet?!

Question: Gelatin in a vegitarian diet?
So, i recently found out what gelatin is.,, =P ick. And i am reeeeeally upset about it, i will give up most products that have gelatin in them but some are pretty hard to avoid. I am now reading labels and correcting my "wrongs" but is it okay that i sitll eat a little? I would like answers from all people please?


If you continue to eat foods w/ gelatin in them you are no longer a vegetarian, but if you ate it unknowingly then you're still a vegetarian. Do not beat yourself up over it. Count this as a learning lesson.
Unfortunately gelatin is in almost everything including most medicines and special kinds of paper. You can do your best to avoid it on a practical level without stressing over it. In certain cases you have to make exceptions. But no, jello and marshmallows are not the exceptions I mean... ;-)


No there is nothing hard about avoiding it. There is nothing that contains gelatin that is even remotely needed to sustain your life! That is a fact you can take to Fort Knox (because a smaller bank is just not as good)

It is good you are reading labels and avoiding some stuff but it is disheartening to hear you still want to eat it? You still want to put your life before billions of others for something you don't even need even in a weird societal sense. It is not ok to take somebody's life so you can eat their collagen and it is also sick and disgusting you would even want to do that even just "a little". I mean would you want a pig or cow or horse eating you without your consent after a lifetime of abuse, exploitation and slavery? I know I wouldn't so I wouldn't do the same to anybody else for any reason.

Gelatin like all slaughter by-products are not vegetarian and never will be here is a list of those ingredients:…… (this is a great book that I think has a much more comprehensive list)

vegan because animals are not property

you can get vegetarian gelatin and some products will state that they use this instead of the traditional gelatin.

is it ok to eat a little? do whatever you want - doesnt sound to me like you want to eat it tho but dont beat yourself up for doing so worse things have happened and your still alive

use agae agar instead, its made of seaweed and sets just like gelatin.

If you look around though, if Gelatine was a surprise, then you might find a lot of even trickier items they sneak in.

Check this site out. If you dare. (be warned it may ruin your life)…

It's okay if you eat whatever you want.

But you won't be vegetarian.

Gelatin is a by-product of slaughter.

It's okay if you eat a little, but you will no longer be a vegetarian...

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