Is eating dog food bad for people?!

Question: Is eating dog food bad for people?
It's purine benefilul healthy weight. And my 15 yea old cousin just ate some to see what it tastes and so far Henie fine but I'm not sure if it's good or bad for you....


No, it's not bad for you. It is usually made with parts of animals that people won't eat because it seems more "gross" or whatever.

It's actually probably more nutritious than what a lot of people are eating now-a-days.

its fine! i wouldnt start eating it with every meal .... but if its okay for your dog its okay for you ....besides babies and children get into dog food all the time ... that says alot

It's fine. Really gross, but fine.

no it builds strong teeth and taste delicious.

my teeth are strong!

Dog food is made primarily of corn. So no, it won't harm him. I'm sure it probably didn't taste very good though...

yes it is

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