How should I begin my vegan diet on a budget?!

Question: How should I begin my vegan diet on a budget?
I really don't know much about it, but I do* know that I strongly dislike animal cruelty and from my research, it seems I would be healthier for starting the vegan lifestyle. I plan on hitting this full force and would love to know how to start. Do you know of any good sites? If you are currently a vegan what are your favorite LOW COST foods (...and even some more expensive ones, perhaps...) and what are some suppliments you take (if any...) I really am open to listening to any information (intelligent...) that you may have about this lifestyle.
Basically, I'm ready to jump in, so how do i begin? :)


green smoothies *love*
beans and rice..yummers!
whole grain bread
kale chips
veggie stir fries
roasted veggies
lentil soup or lentil loaf
man, I am getting hungry..

being vegan is CHEAP!

Personally, I find there's a lot of advantage of being vegetarian including the fiber with your food - it helps digestion, gives your jaw a workout, you also find vegetarian cooking creative and aesthetically pleasing.

yeah sure

I am a vegetarian but here are some vegan foods you can buy at all grocery stores.

Canned vegetables (like chickpeas or soybeans. Good to throw into stirfrys or make dips out of)
frozen vegetables (Good for stirfrys and I have heard are better than fresh supermarket vegetables)
Tofu (a bit expensive but when being a vegan very necessary and you can make many things from it)
Pasta (cheap and versatile)
Rice (cheap and versatile)
Soy milk (or rice milk or hemp milk , whatever you like)
Cereals (check they don't contain any animal products though)
Vegan cheese?
Polenta (might be a bit expensive and maybe not sold at all supermarkets , but if you see it and for a change want to try it , go ahead)
Different types of breads (check that they don't contain any animal products though , or even better make it yourself)

This site has some good vegan recipes to try too:
Hope that helped (:

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