What's your favorite vegetarian sandwich?!

Question: What's your favorite vegetarian sandwich?

Portabella burger on 9 grain vegan bread w/ sauteed red and yellow bells.

I'm trying to learn how to make my own bean burgers.

Even before i was vegetarian my mouth would water up at the thought of a salad mixed with a small bit of mayonaise on toast or in a roll.
You just chuck salad tomatoes red onions seeds peppers, you name it into a bowl chop it up, Toast bread & apply mayonaisse + salad onto it.


I like to take whole wheat bread and toast it a little bit, then put on mustard and ranch followed by, lettuce, pickles, sometimes fake chik'n from Quorn if I have some, cucumber and green pepper. I bring those to work all the time.


Well, yesterday I made this recipe http://chowvegan.com/2008/05/28/bbq-pull… It's young green jackfruit that's simmered in bbq sauce for a few hours. Then you leave it in the fridge overnight and it tastes delish the next day! It's cheap so it's definitely something you should try.

Vegan Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich. Looks something like this: http://hotforfood.files.wordpress.com/20… ;)

Second place goes to the the Indian Chapati wrap with chickpeas, sweet chutney and coriander.


Marmite on wholegrain raw bread with raw spread, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, salt pepper and salad cress.

Pressed tofu with miso paste and mango chutney and savoy spinach, on raw sprouted bread.

Chickpea salad sandwich: http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=9649.0

Or a fried tempeh sandwich with hummus.

I like lettuce with salad cream
Or lettuce, mayo and red onion.
Or jalapenos and ketchup!
Muaha :)

TLT~ It's pan-fried tofu with lettuce and tomato. It is delicous.

My favorite sandwich is Club .It is very spicy & yumee!

I like to eat no meat, eggs and add serving in sandwiches.

a vegetarian burrito

Green salad in cheese grilled sandwich

same as Keith, veggie burrito with beans, yum

Grilled cheese..

cheese and salad with mayo

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