Is it just me, or does Quorn taste and feel like chicken? Do vegetarians like that?!

Question: Is it just me, or does Quorn taste and feel like chicken? Do vegetarians like that?
I'm a vegetarian and I haven't eaten a chicken patty in like two years. I also try to avoid soy, so I bought some Quorn chik'n patties -- they are vegetarian and soy-free. Holy crap, they taste like chicken and have the same texture as chicken. It freaked me out a little bit. It felt like I was eating chicken. I'm the kind of vegetarian who stopped eating meat because I think meat is gross. I have mixed feelings about Quorn. Any thoughts?


I have tried Quorn patties, and they do taste pretty authentic. I prefer Boca Chicken patties, but I also eat soy. I have been a vegetarian for years, but I will freely admit that I DO like the taste of some meat products, perhaps because I spent the first 20 years of my life eating them. I hate steak, and almost any meat by itself, but I still have cravings for In N Out burgers and orange chicken. Luckily, meat substitutes always satisfy my cravings. Recently, I was hungry for a Western Bacon Cheeseburger (I know, I know), so I took a vegan Boca patty, vegan bacon, onion rings, vegan cheese, and BBQ sauce, and I made my own vegan version. And yes, it was delicious!

I know what you mean! They are the only fake meat product I have tried that actually sketched me out with how similar the taste and texture was to legitimate chicken. Their chikn nuggets taste scarily similar to real chicken nuggets, my dad who is a hard core omnivore could not tell the difference and even thought they tasted better then the actual chicken nuggets he ate. The Quorn products to me taste best when in a sandwich, wrap or salad. Makes you a little more fuller than just a regular veggie option would.


i think most Quorn products have this typically after-taste, and is furthermore just adopting to the tastes you add, but it's the after-taste which makes we not liking it so much

i'm vegetarian for only a few months now, and i've never thought it tasted like chicken, although i;ve never tried the chik'n patties,

i think it's just a matter of what you like and dislike, and you should decide it for yourself

Only if it is GMO chicken eating fertilizers and pesticides. Quorn is made from GMO corn chemically fertilized and sprayed with pesticides.

Many vegetarians like chicken and many of them eat it whether they admit it or not.

I ate it because it was quorn. And I thought chicken tasted like it. Only after thinking about it.

Meat is gross, quorn isn't meat.

Never had it.

I wouldn't eat something that remotely resembled meat.

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