Why do people become vegans?!

Question: Why do people become vegans?

I became Vegan for several reasons. I feel my body is my temple and that quality of life is essential. A good diet, and proper exercise should be a must for a healthy body. Eating fruits a vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Whereas eating meat is getting second hand vitamins and minerals. Eating living foods is getting all your nutrients straight from the source. Notice how meat eaters take alot of supplements? Because they're not meeting all their daily vitamins and minerals. Vegans don't necessarily need supplements for they already are provided with all their Essential vitamins and minerals the body needs daily. Protein doesn't just come from animals, but from most of all green vegetables and legumes, so vegans meet the protein requirement. Another reason is because animals have to die for us to eat them. But all and all it could be the same because alot of animals also have to die to keep them out of foods provided for the vegetarian/vegan community, such as trapping and the spraying of pesticides. I choose to be eco-vegan, which is eating an all Organic vegan diet.

ere are countless websites on all the different reasons someone would decide to be vegan. Here are some of the most common:
1. health - a well-balanced plant-based diet is more in line with the nutritional needs of a human (low in saturated fat and cholesterol, high in protein, fiber, and fruit/vegetables)
2. religious - many cultures and religions think eating different kinds of animals or animal products is wrong
3. animal welfare - in many countries, the bulk of meat/eggs/dairy sold in stores is from industrial farms where animals are treated inhumanely, and some people believe using animals for food, no matter how it is treated in life, is exploitation
4. money - it is much cheaper to live on things like beans, legumes, in-season produce, etc. than expensive meats, eggs, honey, etc.
5. taste/experience of eating meat - many people are disgusted by the idea of consuming animals or products that came out of the bodies of animals (like breast milk) or are off-put by the taste/texture
6. environment - industrial farming causes lots of water pollution, and many people argue that the grains used to feed animals would be put to better use feeding people

I think that vegans are vegans for many different reasons. That is like asking why siblings are annoying to many people. The person who is a vegan probably thinks that eating meat is cruel, and that they are mortified at the fact that some animals are specially raised to be slaughtered. There can be other reasons, too. It just depends on the person.

Because they have questioned what is considered a "normal" diet in our society and made a decision based on their own personal beliefs, whatever those may be.

People usually go vegan because they're compassionate towards animals and don't believe they are ours to eat (meat, eggs, dairy, honey, etc)/wear (wool, fur, leather, etc)/experiment on (animal tested products).

People become vegans for many reasons.
The way some people convert religions, it's a personal choice.

It can range from having a deep concern for animal welfare, to environmental and economic reasons.
My best friend is one and she is because she has a STRONG passion for animals and doesn't want to harm them or make them suffer. It could also be because they are allergic or don't like the taste.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_do_people_become_vegans#ixzz1J57SCo7W

The "yuck" factor.

To lose weight
To be healthier
Because they don't like to contribute to killing animals
That's all I can think of right now, but Peta can tell you everything else.


I became a vegan to be a bada$$ mudder f***er!

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