Is it possible to be a healthy vegetarian?!

Question: Is it possible to be a healthy vegetarian?
I'm considering becoming a vegetarian. and I was wondering if it's possible to be just as healthy being a vegitarian without taking any sort of food supplement pills. I don't have any vegetarian friends so I can't really ask anyone about it.
Thank you in advance for answering :)


Yeah, vegetarian diets are healthy. If you're not planning on giving up eggs and dairy, you won't be missing out on any nutrients at all (except maybe iodine, but just use iodized table salt and you'll be fine). If you want to go vegan, that's even healthier (and much better for animals and the environment), but you should plan if you want to be healthy, so check out (good for vegetarians too).

Also, if you want to make some vegetarian friends, you should join a vegan forum. They're awesome, and you might even come across people in your own area! You can also find stores/restaurants good for vegetarians on Good luck!

Absolutely, given you don't live off of junk food. Vegetarians are actually healthier in certain aspects than omnivores are as red meat greatly increases the risk of numerous kinds of cancers, cardiovascular disease as well as obesity. I do not take any supplements and my doctor was surprised at how healthy I was a year after becoming a vegetarian. My asthma, which is viral induced, has disappeared as I never get sick (Except for one occasion last week, in which I contracted Norwalk which is highly contagious) but that was the first time in 4 years! I couldn't believe how long it was since I had a cold or the flu. I also lost 12 pounds in my first year of vegetarianism.

Something I have found really helpful is making green smoothies. They help you incorporate dark leafy greens like spinach that have iron in them and you blend them with fruits so that you can't taste the vegetables! They are incredibly delicious and filling and help you get in lots of fruits and veggies in a day if you're on the go.

Good for you for considering a less cruel lifestyle, and I hope you continue on and become a vegetarian for good!


Uh..but vegetarians are usually healthier.
Lower cholesterol, less heart disease from fats, no colonic cancer nightmares.
Low blood pressure, lower stroke risk, lower heart attack risk. Etc.

All animal foods have cholesterol in them. No plant food does.

It's a good idea to eat good food- you know, not just chips and salad.

Actually, vegetarians are usually a lot more healthy and trim than non vegs. You just have to eat lots of protein without sacrificing your diet, e.g. Soy products, nuts, eggs, dairy and spinach

Of course!
You just have to have a balanced diet and try not to eat too many carbs.


Is that a serious question? Vegetarians are notoriously healthier than meat-eaters.

i've been doing it for 7 years

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