How long until republicans call the interest in our savings account entitlements?!

Question: How long until republicans call the interest in our savings account entitlements?
I've been paying into social security and medicare all my life yet the GOP Bozo's call it an entitlement. What gives?


Soon, freedom, too, will be an entitlement. They don't care about America or its ideals. They want to rule like the christians: bullying, oppressing, and killing.

I know. I didn't realize until recently that my health and education was an "entitlement." I guess all a child who's born into the richest country on earth is entitled to in Republican-Land is a hill of dirt. Actually, not even a hill of dirt, unless it's rented from our land-owning class.

These things, to most people, are actually more like "basic human rights." At least, that's what we call it when we're trying to improve health and education conditions in Third World countries.

You never make any sense... sorry ,.... but then Im older then you... Ive been paying into it as well for nearly 40 yrs.... it is my right to have it or they best reimburse everyone that has paid into it... ( yes I know it goes to the people before me and the ones paying into it now haven't worked that long anyways) GOP are not Bozos as you claim... I have some choice words for you libs but I think I will refrain from using them at this time *L*

"Question for the RepubliCONS:

If my Medicare and Social Security are "entitlements", what are your health care and pension benefits from the government, a God Given right to worship you for your fabulousness?"

Sorry to disappoint you but I have PRIVATE health care and I don't have a govt job so my pension and my health care is none of your concern... Sorry you will have to use the OBAMA CARE and rely on your pension from the govt.. because I don't and wont!

The interest banks pay on savings accounts are hardly worth the Republicans fighting over, nor would they pay and attention to it. A few dollars a month is something they don't notice.

But sshhss, don't give them any more ideas. We know they're not bright as it is and if they did ever think of it, it's not anything they would think on their own. Don't give them any ideas.

They are already doing that. When they tell us the economy is bad but their quarterly statements show a big bottom line.
They are trying to do as they did with the housing market, betting against it. In that way they win any ways.
Right to free choice but education according to the Repubs. is not a right?
About Reading and Writing: A civil right? You bet. Just think, job applications, The Bible, Just those two things are a right. A job is the difference between living or diying. Who will take the right from someone to read the Bible or to live. Republicans, that is who. Are they lovers of God, or lovers of money?
@ Joe doakes: You are right for Repubs. everything is money decency and pathos are non existent for them just like a psychopath or sociopaths. They do not care who they hurt as long as it is money producing activity.

If they would have privatize ten years ago we would have lost that money already when the market melted two years ago,

How much interest are you making on your savings?

Stupid question, why don't you look up the word entitled in the dictionary you sound confused its not a bad thing.

EDIT: Since you paid into it you are entitled to it. Get it? Geez!

LOL! Good question. Though I think the Democrats do the same thing. If we let them, all these politicians will cut promised benefits to fund new promises, for votes of course. The only solution is to not let them.

Democrats are likely to do this it is in their line;

Republicans see it as business moneys earned

Give Osama another term and their WON'T be any medicare OR social security.It'll be just another tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats demand that interest be taxed as income.
The LAW calls social security and medicare "entitlements."

I think you are very confused. Go talk to your father he knows best. If you replace republican with Liberal then your question makes sense. Maybe you made a typo?

you think it's just the Republicans, I think you are confused.

Interest already gets taxed. Hello?

What interest? The Democrat machine destroyed interest rates.

Why do I feel you did not say a word when Bill Clinton raided the SS fund?

We would never tread on the free choice of PRIVATE industry, like banks, to give interest.

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