Are there any good tasting diet sodas that don't have aspartame?!

Question: Are there any good tasting diet sodas that don't have aspartame?
I never have soda, but sometimes I want something more than my usual distilled or flavored sparkling water. I drink something called hint water, which is berry flavored water but I want true soda sometimes! I don't like the effects aspartame can have on you, so any soda options?
BTW: Regular soda is too sweet for me, that's why I'm asking about diet soda.


Zevia is sold at Whole Foods and I believe Sunflower Market also, and it is made with stevia and erithritol. The best flavor is lemon-lime. Also, you could get Vitamin Water Zero (made with stevia also) and mix it with 1 part Vitamin Water, 1 part sparkling water.

My son can't have aspartame so we found sodas that use Splenda as the sweetener.

In our area we have a brand called Waist Watchers. Also the Diet Rite brand is all done with Splenda and they have about 5 different flavors to choose from.

Um, well if you're fine with sugar, try Sierra Mist. I haven't had it recently, but if you're looking for something a little less Frankenfood, that's the way I would go. And I would drink it with a straw.


Sugar free red bull?
It's what I drink once in awhile. It is vegan and infused w/ a lot of B vitamins.

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