Would you pay extra for blueberry pancakes?!

Question: Would you pay extra for blueberry pancakes?
On most breakfast menus, blueberry pancakes cost more than regular. And I'm not talking about regular pancakes with blueberry syrup -- I'm talking fresh blueberries baked into the batter. They are darn good, but will you pay a couple bucks extra for them?


Hell yeah I love blueberries pancakes. Ill pay the extra buck to satisfy my happiness

If the pancakes and butter provided were vegan and if the blueberries were on the side, yeah.
I guess it doesn't matter if they're baked in there either. :}

Yes! you have to take into consideration that blueberries are quite expensive!! regular pancakes are cheap as to make

Antioxidants don't come cheap.

I do it all the time. They're better and better for you.

Yeah! Once in a while definetely!

Well, that depends. Do you serve them with pure Vermont maple syrup, or the fake kind?

No, I prefer plain..

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