Vegans: What prompted you to become a vegan and please give me your favorite recipe that I can try now?!

Question: Vegans: What prompted you to become a vegan and please give me your favorite recipe that I can try now?
(As you all know by now, my ex-husband who I divorced 2 years ago was a vegan. The divorce has caused me huge strife and anger. That's why I have an axe to grind and have been logging on this website for the past 2 years, posting anecdotal links from the most obscure sources (you can find any source on google to support your claims these days...) and telling you all that your diets are deficient in Vitamin B12 even though I don't give one iota about your health. I did it out of pure spite, vengeance, and because I have no other hobbies (what do you expect from an old woman who lives by herself).

But enough of that. I now want to migrate to a completely vegan diet. Can you tell me what prompted you to become a vegan? The more I think about it, the more it seems right to me. I have to get over my past and start on a new path. Share your yummy recipes with me!

Thank you all.


I've been brought up a vegetarian, I was introduce to this spiritual "religion" at a young age called The Quan Yin Method that stressed being a vegan or at least a vegetarian who does not eat eggs. So I wanted to be vegan for a long time but didn't have the will power and then my freshman year in high school I told a lot of people that I was going to become vegan and people talked, my new teachers started telling the whole class and I started feeling guilty when I ate something that I knew wasn't vegan so I sorta became vegan by accident lol. I wasn't trying to be vegan because things like cheese and white chocolate and cookies were so tempting but due to my paranoia, guilt and pride (I didn't want to sound stupid and correct people and say that I tried but couldn't do it) I sorta stop eating all that stuff by accident and like a month or so later I noticed. So that's how I became a vegan, since my second semester of my freshman year in high school

One of my favorite vegan recipes is fairly simple, it only requires 1 large raw sweet potatoes, 1 raw buttermilk squash, raw green beans, raw onions, raw garlic and the following spices; cumin, curry powder, cayenne and salt.
What I do:
1. Chop up the sweet potato and squash into pieces (however big or small you want it, though I would recommend more bite size pieces)
2. Put a light layer of oil (coconut, olive, vegetable) or even butter, on a heated skillet
3. Add the sweet potato and squash and cook at a medium heat
4. While you let that cook some, dice 1 or 2 garlic cloves, cut the onion (I usually use about half an onion), and cut the green beans. With the onion I tend to cut those kind of small (so they won't over power the other ingredients and plus I'm not a big fan of onions) I cut the greens in bite size pieces, flipping the potato and squash as needed (about 10 minutes after you first add them)
5. When you add the green beans depends on if you want them crunchy or chewy, me and my family prefer them to be kind of crunchy.
6. Check to see if the squash and potato are kind of done by if they are getting soft (about
7. If you want the green beans to be chewy add them with the onions and garlic (after the squash and potato are kind of soft) (about 15 minutes after u began cooking them)
8. If you want the green beans to be more crunchy wait about 5 minutes before adding them in
9. Add spices, as much as you like, I never measure just eye and take some pieces and taste until I'm satisfied
10. About 5 minutes after you added the greens check to see if everything is how crunchy/soft you want it.
11. If you are satisfied, serve

My family loves this recipe! It's yummy and healthy
It makes a lot so if you are only cooking for yourself adjust as needed (like instead of using the whole potato, use 1/4 of it or whatever)

This is very customizable, you can do whatever you want to do to it! Add as many green beans, onions, etc!
I hope you like it! :)

Also scramble tofu!
add butter to a pan, break up the tofu (extra firm tofu) in the pan, cover it and cook it at about medium high temp. While cooking that, cut veggies (I use zucchini, yellow squash, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, etc.) into small dices. I then add some curry, cayenne (my family loves spicy food), salt, turmeric (to give it a yellow color, I don't add a lot, maybe a tsp. because if i use too much it turns the veggies a kinda yellow color and it leaves a yellow "stain" on plates (but they're easy to get out) plus I find it overpowering if i use too much) and sometimes cumin. I add the veggies after the tofu is cooked some and i just continue cooking for a few minutes.
This is also very customizable
If you have vegan cheese you can add it in (esp if it's cheese that melts)

I made the scrambled tofu in my culinary class and all the meat eaters that tasted it sad it was good and some thought it was really scrambled eggs

If you need more recipes just tell me :)
I can give you this recipe to this yummy salsa and guacamole dish my mom makes (and it happens to be raw vegan). If you like sweet things I can give you some recipes to some baked goods :)
But being vegan is easy, especially if you love cooking (like I do), you have the patience and determination. Recipes are easy to find online now-a-days. Vegan dad is an amazing website! But the problem with that website (and a lot of websites online) the people use expensive ingredients or ones that's hard to find if you don't live in a veggie friendly city or a small city. I live in a big city that thinks it's a small city. So it's pretty difficult to find vegan stuff that's affordable.

I hope I helped you :)

years of experience
and these culinary arts classes I'm taking

Sorry to hear about your divorce. My family are vegetarian (I still live with them) and my fiancé's family are vegan, so I sorta got sucked into the whole vegan thing. My fiancé's mother makes a delicious meal out of risotto rice, tofu, peas, broccoli and sliced potato. She just fries it all up and adds soy sauce, stirs it around and serves it up. Delicious :) ?

I have a strong feeling this isn't the real Daisy, unless you got a new account or something.


This is probably true.

That woman is most definitely not OK in the head. The world is fiery with its beauty and incredible detail, it is full of places to see and people to meet. What can possibly drive someone to become so pre-occupied with other people's diets that they log on the V&V section every single day to tell all the vegans that their diets are deficient? Is that a fulfilling life?

*wakes up in the morning*
First thought that comes to mind: Vegans lack B12, must go on V&V and tell them.

*goes to the grocery store, looks at the frozen food section*
Thinks: When I get home I'll tell vegans on V&V that beef is a better source of iron than spinach."

(doubtful that she even goes out).

You will be in my prayers Daisy. You have too much hatred in your heart.

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