Vegans and vegetarians......!!!?!

Question: Vegans and vegetarians......!!!?
Why do I keep having dreams of eating meat? Only been a vegetarian for a year. When will this stop.


Maybe your subconscious is expressing the fact that you are afraid of others judging not being a meat eater? That was my issue, maybe i sound like a freak but identifying the deeper meaning of the dream and then acting on the issue is what helps...for me and all the other dream freaks out there.

Well, you COULD buy some vegetarian patties and veg bacon- like the Morningstar stuff. It's way tasty , full of additives, but so is most meat.
IT's juicy and full of fats too. If you really want some nice gravy-ish taste, buy some of those things, or make a HUGE portobello stuffed mushroom dish with cheese, walnuts, soysauce, noodles etc.
Really go for it.

I think you just want to eat something Umami.

Trust me, protein deficiencies are very rare, unless you live in a country where you're starving to death. Cravings have nothing to do with what your body needs. If that was so, then why do people only have cravings for junk food, pizza, McDonald's, etc? Why don't we crave things that are healthy? Since people are always on about "Oh, you're craving what your body needs." I think we'd all be craving vegetables, fruits, and whole-grains rather than pizza or cheeseburgers.

I don't know... I think it's pretty normal for a vegetarian or a vegan.
It happens to me too. In my dream I eat meat without thinking about it, but when I realize that I'm eating meat I start to vomit.
Maybe it's because you feel like someone is trying to get you to eat meat.

Weird. A few nights ago I had a dream about the papaya I bought magically ripening. Maybe it means my body is craving papaya. Then again, I also had a dream last night that I died and became a ghost but I was still able to communicate.

Dreams don't always mean something.

Weird... maybe you should see if you're deficient in protein or B12. Listen to your body.

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