Does Red Leaf Lettuce contain Chlorophyll?!

Question: Does Red Leaf Lettuce contain Chlorophyll?
My Master is allergic to chlorophyll and can't eat greens such as spinach, green beans, or even onions. I need to find alternatives that I can use when cooking for Him, so I wondered if red leaf lettuce and cabbage contain chlorophyll. I keep worrying that He isn't going to get enough nutrition if I keep making meat and potatoes. It would also help if someone could give me ideas of things that go well with red leaf lettuce in salads and other recipes. Thank you!


Yes it does. Almost all leaves contain chlorophyll because plants need it to make their "food." If you look at red leaf lettuce, you can still see green around the edges. Of course it has a lot less than green lettuce; I don't know how allergic he is but it's probably not safe.

Most fruits and vegetables don't contain chlorophyll, though, and if you're not vegetarian I don't think you need leafy greens to survive. Just use more fruits and vegetables and different kinds, and also maybe some beans and nuts. I'm not familiar with the allergy but I'd assume you shouldn't feed him anything green; if you're really concerned, why don't you do some research?

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