Would You Eat Something ALIVE?!

Question: Would You Eat Something ALIVE?
The other day my sister told me she saw a video on youtube, and this chinese family was waiting at this table too eat. While the Camera followed into the Kitchen the chef got the fish and put a wet towel over the gills so it could breath and then put it in a deep Fryer. After that they took it too the family and they just ate it while you could see the fish trying too breath, They also eat live octopus and susi. Probably other stuff to. I think Its so sad and cruel that they would put that animal in so much pain. What are your thoughts? would you eat it or pass. I Wouldn't Eat That If i Was Starving!!


This might be what you're talking about -
Two things disgust me about that video. The first is that a person would half deep-fry a fish while it's still alive. The second disgusts me even more and it's those people LAUGHING at the fish as it's still trying to breathe. Hopefully karma kicks in for those people and they will go through what that fish did. I guess on the good side it isn't a common dish, but it still happens unfortunately. These people sicken me more than the fish. I'm with you - I'd definitely stay away from that.

Edit: To Deer Hunter - Half of the fish's body was deepfried and it was still alive and trying to breathe as a man eats part of the deep fried part right in front of the fish's eyes. Look at the video.

Gross. Did you know that when we eat lobster, it has to be boiled alive? This is due to the fact that when killed, lobsters release a deadly poison, and killing them via boiling keeps the gland from activation.

No, I would not..

omg ewww seriously thats gross. I think i could hold off til my next meal

After a fish has been put in a deep fryer its no longer alive. A frog can still hop out of the frying pan with no head and guts, its all just nerves.

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