What are you thoughts on vegans dating vegans/non-vegans?!

Question: What are you thoughts on vegans dating vegans/non-vegans?
i have dated vegetarians and non-vegetarians/non-vegans before but there have been some issues as some of them were not able to respect me and my beliefs. i'm looking for some outside opinions please...


It all depends on how central you decide to make veganism a part of who you are. If it is a huge part of your soul and being, then dating a non-vegan probably wouldn't work. If it's just a diet, then dating a vegan might work.

However, by choosing to date only vegetarian/vegans, you must acknowledge that you are restricting your potential dating pool by about 95% (probably closer to 98% if you are looking for a vvegetarian/egan male). And really, how many other vegetarirans/vegans do you even know?

And you are certainly free to be that picky and to have standards that high. It means that dating will probably be tougher and you will probably be single for longer and you will probably pass up a chance to date some really great potential partners, but if you're comfortable with all that then happy hunting.

The same as Christians dating Jews, Muslims dating Jews or Christians or Whites dating Blacks. Some people are tolerant of others beliefs and cultures and some aren't. If you as a Vegan, can respect other peoples eating habits and not have a fit or give a lecture when your friend orders a burger and you order tofu, then you should have no problem. The problem is most Vegans think of Veganism as a religion and are somewhat fanatical about pushing their beliefs on others.

Well im a vegetarian and my bf is a non-vegetarian and we've been together for over a year and its never been an issue. Like the others said its all about respect, if people you've dated before didnt respect you for your beliefs, it had nothing to do with you being vegetarian and them not, it was about them being narrow minded and not respecting your beliefs.

So to answer your question, its completely doable, its just important that the person you're dating respects your beliefs, I think this applies to relationships in general, vegetarian or not.

I think those "issues" had nothing to do with veganism. If your partner can't respect you then they can't respect you, regardless of the difference in your lifestyle choices. I have an omni BF and we respect each others choices perfectly. If someone can't even respect a difference in diet how can they respect anything about you? And if there's no respect, its time to kick someone to the kerb. Respect of course, goes both ways. If I were to go up to my BF and tell him his steak suffered terrible pain as a living animal and was going to give him heart disease, then I'm guessing he'd start to lose respect for me.

I think if you cut everyone out of your life that isn't veg*n, you'll have a very limited pool of potential people to date.

Most people don't care what you eat. I think they're surprised and disappointed when they find someone who builds their life around the food they eat....or, with vegans, the food they DON'T eat.

Setting together, eating together, sharing their day with each other, is an important part of being married or just committed to each other, IMO. If every meal is going to turn into a battle over food, I don't see much chance for success. I remember reading a thread on a veg*n board a couple of years ago. A young woman was upset that she, her husband and her best friend had all gone out to celebrate her birthday. The husband and friend had both ordered meat items (one had veal!). She had been miserable. Why? Because they didn't even notice that she was upset. The two meat eaters had a good evening, laughing and talking, while she sat and steamed over her fancy vegan entree' AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE!

If you chose to alienate yourself from society by being vegan, that's your choice. But I don't think it's an emotionally healthy choice.

It is very possible to date non-vegans... You just have to find someone that is willing to accept your decision just how you've accepted theirs. This time could be used to teach him/her about tasty substitutions to meat and animal products. Ignorance is bliss. So you'd also need to be strong

My brother & his wife

I think that it is possible to do, as long as both people respect each other. People should respect you for being vegan, and you should respect others for whatever they eat, animal product or not. Not saying you don't respect others, just mentioning it for completeness sake.

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