Vegetarians/Vegans/Omnivores: How often do you shower?!

Question: Vegetarians/Vegans/Omnivores: How often do you shower?
Someone asked me an interesting question today. They asked if I did anything to cut down on my water usage since I try to always take the environmental route and it got me thinking.I shower once every other day, so Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc... Unless I get dirty playing sports or something like that. I also have sensitive skin which becomes incredibly dry and irritated if I shower often and for long periods. I was just wondering, how often do you all shower? And since becoming vegan/vegetarian, have you thought to cut down on shower times? Apparently, its a new fad as well.


Every Day, but turn the water off when im not using it. it might be cold when i turn it on but cold water it better than a bad enviroment

my life

I like how the first poster said she used no soap, but then says she uses soap. o.O

I usually shower every other day because I just don't get all that dirty, but I do wash armpits and groin daily, which uses a lot less water than having to wash all over and get my long hair wet, which also has to be washed if it gets wet.

I shower everyday but skip days washing my hair. sometimes I'm too lazy to shower so I do it in the morning and I always take within 5-10 minutes to shower (5 when I don't wash my hair, 10 when I do) but I've always been like that even before I was vegetarian!


I'm vegan, and I shower every other day unless I get extra dirty, same as you... I did start thinking more about the environment after I went vegan and started reading about it.

Yes I have cut back my water usage since going vegetarian. I also have sensitive skin and hard water so lots of water on my skin is bad. 2-3 times per week unless I need more is usually good.

I shower every morning. I don't have to cut down on my shower time because everything is included in my rent.

Daily, 10 minutes. I use no "artificial" soaps or shampoos. Only filtered water and home-made soap with all-natural ingredients.

I shower everyday, a few minutes in the shower does not use that much water.

Although I'm vegan I am big on hygiene so I take 2 baths daily. However I only fill the tub up 1/2 way now.

Irrelevant to you, but I do not understand the relevance of your question.

Daily, sometimes twice

Once a day. I am also outdoors most days and get very dirty.

I shower once a day. I do a lot of work outside and get quite dirty.

I cycle a lot. I like my friends. I shower daily.
In Sikkim over winter, I didn't shower for three months.

i dont.
i bath


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