Your opinion??????????!

Question: Your opinion??????????
Hi there :)
I wanted to know your opinion on children becoming vegetarians or vegans? Do you think it's a good thing or not?
Personally think it is good ( being a vegetarian kid myself) and I have not found any not good side affect.

Just wanted to know :)


It is the healthiest start you can give them in life. I carried and reared my three children as vegetarian and now they are healthy young adults and my eldest daughter is raising her three young children vegetarian.

How young is the child? If they are at an age where they aren't really equipped to make lifestyle decisions for themselves, they, at best, would need proper adult supervision. The problem is if the adults themselves are unaware of what "proper" is the it would be "the blind leading the blind".

Supportive parenting means not just saying yes all the time, often it means saying no.

I have raised my two as vegetarians. I think in general they have more knowledge about healthy eating than the average teen (not that they always act on that knowledge!). They know they can eat meat if they decide to, but I'm not going to be the one giving it to them.

I'm a meat-eater and I have no problem with people raising their kids vegetarian. I think it's healthy if done in the right way. That said, if the child wanted to try meat, the parent should at least consider it.

It's perfectly fine as long as they aren't eating lots of junk food. I wish I was raised vegetarian.

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