All Vegetarians or doctor please help!?!

Question: All Vegetarians or doctor please help!?
I have really bad b.o I cant smell it but I hear people around me making comments about it. I use to eat alot of red meat and greasy foods and now I have bad b.o. what is a good veggie/nuts diet I can go on to get rid of my b.o and how long well it take? its not my body its my sweat odor that stinks really bad!!
well I dont no if McDonald hamburger are red meat. but I ate mcdonalds almost everyday for the last 8 months


I'm not a doctor or a vegetarian. My friend got rid of her BO by taking zinc because she was zinc deficient. I suggest seeing a nutritionist or doctor that can help you check your nutritional levels because I have no idea if zinc is what you're deficient in, too. She ate a lot of fried food too. Now she eats a lot healthier because she doesn't live with her parents.

Hi. I think you will need to see a doctor since (from my knowledge) a general 'vegetarian' diet does not change the smell of your body odour! Some meals such as curries can alter the smell of your body odour because the spices and flavourings are so strong. You may want to try eliminating those from your diet. If things don't improve, definitely see your doctor.

Lol.. you are a vegetarian a few weeks ago but whose answers got deleted, then now you ate meat for six months?.. At least, if you aare going to fake something, try to do a better job than this..

Lemme guess, you are one of the fake vegan biologists multiple accounts used to thumb up and vote best answer?

Body odour is caused by the bacteria and fungi living in your armpits. I doubt changing your diet will have any effect.

vegan biologist


it's easy. use a deodorant. stop eating fast food and eat more should try eating salads.


I find that having a shower helps get rid of BO. Have you ever tried that?

First of all, lay off the mcdeath. Eat Fruit...mostly. Read the book skinny bastard. It's not just for fat people it's about eating right too.

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