Why are meat eaters so aggressive? Is it the steroids and hormones in their meat that is causing this reaction?!

Question: Why are meat eaters so aggressive? Is it the steroids and hormones in their meat that is causing this reaction?

Yes it does. What they won't tell you is that a deer shot while running doesn't taste as good as a deer shot that didn't know what hit 'em. Gee I wonder why that is...

In my experience, the vegetarians and vegans are much more aggressive. As a meat eater, I don't feel the need to judge how good a human being someone is based on what they eat. But I've had a few hostile vegetarians just randomly lecture me about my choice in diet, treating me like I'm less of a person than they are.

Being treated like that does have a tendency to make people aggressive, so maybe you're seeing backlash and are mistaking it for aggression.

I will have to play the devil's advocate here. First, carnivores, by nature, ARE agressive. So the short answer is they have to kill in order to survive. Their very existence is dependent on killing living beings. Then they ingest the fear and the suffering of the animals raised for our consumption. Finally - they fall into a group of people who still believe that humans should have dominion over the natural world. People who believe THAT way are largely conservatives. I heard a show on NPR about how people are politically bent one way or another based on how they process fear. And how we process fear is largely based on our environment we came up in. SO...While there may or may not be a direct causal relationship, there very well may be a correlation - for all we know. Also, many vegetarians are so because of ethical reasons. Many of those vegetarians believe WE ARE ALL ONE. Not just you and I, and black/white, Christian/Muslim, Republican/Democrat...etc...but also everything - all creatures, the planet, rocks, etc...We are all evolved out of the same stellar material...and that is precisely WHY they are vegetarians. So, yes...many vegetarians are less agressive. And studies have shown that a natural plant based diet has a calming stabilizing effect - especially on children with ADHD and hyperactivity. You are what you eat.

Vegetarian for ethical reasons.

Simply by your presence you are making them realize they are eating a dead animal and the subsequent subconscious guilt and thus they feel the need to defend their positions by attempting to portray you as the enemy.

Just disregard it and make them very aware that you are happy and at peace w/ your lifestyle. Don't argue, it will get you nowhere. And don't lecture, that will get you nowhere as well. Just be at peace and let them see this!:)

An excellent book....Living Among Meateaters by Carol Adams. It goes into great detail about this and is an absolute must read for any vegetarian or vegan!!

im an omnivore, im not aggressive. ive seen plenty of vegetarians and vegans get aggressive in here, it has nothing to do with diet, only with the individual person.....and yes, i will tell you an animal killed while running isnt as good as an animal killed while it is calm. if an animal is killed while running or in extreme fear, the meat is really tough and stringy, the more tensed the muscles are the worse it is...its a fact, i dont know what would make anyone see a need to deny it.i hunt, we butcher our own beef and pork every fall.i dont like the commercialized, store bought meat, and really dont eat it very often, but we do eat a lot of fresh, home grown, chemical and hormone free meat, and eggs.

I'd like to think that was true, but sadly it's not. Aggressiveness has nothing to do with diet. But those darn meat eaters do get quite snappy over their food. Some of them would prob dive in front of a bus for a piece of steak. Gross....lol

Don't just blame it on meat eaters, Lots of vegetarians/vegans are just as aggressive, think if Peta... they're pretty hardcore...


Don't know what omnivores you're talking about. My "meat eating" boyfriend is a pussycat...except in the bedroom of course ;-)

Maybe it's because of your provocation? Or perhaps your passive aggressiveness? Take your pick.

Maybe if they had to kill the animals they eat they would think twice. And have more sympathy.

New account, Ashley?

Some of us still remember you. No doubt you'll be recycling some of your old questions, trying to make vegans look silly.

They are just arseholes

Carnivorous animals have to be agressive. If they aren't they wnt kill and thus will starve... That's bad

lol meat eaters just mind there own business until people like you ( posting this question only proves it ) get all into our faces, insult us by calling us wrong, saying your better than us, just because you know how to eat side orders. meat eaters don't like to be annoyed by spoiled little brats who think they have the slightest clue of the workings of nature, i doubt there iron-depleted brains will comprehend anything this even says.

youre an a**hole


Their not.

Isn't it past your bedtime Troll?

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