The truth about food? Anyone see it tonight?Are any of the omnivores still proud to eat meat?!

Question: The truth about food? Anyone see it tonight?Are any of the omnivores still proud to eat meat?
I learnt even more horrific facts about meat tonight like 'frogs legs' (all imported from Asia) the poor things are skinned alive and amputated. Apparently they only die after this cruel torture has been subjected to them and it can be upto an HOUR afterwards . The factory chickens sad little life was worse than I remember and as for the so called 'healthier ' organic chicken 5 times more germs than the factory ones. Foie gras - vile muck IMHO is worse than I thought because they 'force feed' the poor geese using big F O tubes. I knew about how grim sausages are but some of them contain 'Donkey meat' ie salami.
(And foxhunter_guy thinks it is a great jape to eat meat!!!!)

Am I the only one to think that this is way past awful or are people just numb and heartless these days?


yea i know, sad stuff, i saw it before, omnivores dont' watch it, or can't understand it, i don't know what to do, i just eat my fruits and veggs and watch the world spin around in the wrong way.

It doesn't have to do with pride-it has to do with people want what they want and inconvenient facts will just be pushed out of their mind. Having to slaughter their own food wouldn't make a difference either-people did it themselves for centuries and plenty of people hunt and process their own game these days.

I think it's awful. I always thought its awful. I've been a vegetarian since 3rd grade, no meat, no fish, no eggs man. It's horrific, the types of things going on in slaughterhouses. Animals in general are abused in so many ways, and no one stands up for them. People think it's not out problem, but they have no way to voice their opinions in human society!

People don't want to know.... if people actually had to go and murder the innocent animals that they were going to eat themselves, than they wouldn't eat them (most ppl anyways), but because they come all 'prepared' for them, it's easy for people to stay oblivious to the facts.

I think they probably didn't watch the program because they honestly dont know how terrible it is... like most people think oh well... the cow lives in a pen, not that bad... but the butchers are TERRIBLE to them.
Its just a lack of knowlege. I bet if everyone knew how bad that animal was treated, a lot more vegetarians would be here... but most people just dont know

Why would an omnivore's opinion change because you watched a documentary?


I've answered this exact same question before...
Be original?

PS... definitely numb and heartless LOL as I eat my steak!

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