Do you consider me to be a scrict vegetarian?!

Question: Do you consider me to be a scrict vegetarian?
I don't eat meat (obviously)
I don't wear leather, wool or silk
I don't eat Gelatin
I cannot touch meat
(but I do eat dairy, only free range eggs, etc. though)
I don't eat or use animal tested products.

What do you consider me?


Slightly vegan probably, since you don't like wearing animal-based clothes. I think that it is rather eccentric that you still eat eggs - so I would probably consider you as an extremely strict vegetarian or slightly vegan.

Hope this helped.

Nope, just a vegetarian, seeing as you eat dairy and eggs. However, you can label yourself however you like. Do you avoid other animal byproducts, such as animal rennet, carmine and shellac? You do have extra than just the definition of vegetarian (such as not wearing leather, wool and silk and not using animal-tested products), but you are also not a vegan. There isn't really a definition of a "strict" vegetarian, however good job doing what you do!

13 year old vegan :)

I think technically you're really only a vegetarian if you don't eat dairy either with the argument that you're eating or drinking food that either could be an animal (eggs) or is used to feed animals (milk). But labels aren't really important - just eat what you like and don't eat what you don't like.

Glad you only buy free range, wish more people would do the same and abolish cruelty to animals completely.

A strict (or pure) vegetarian is someone who EATS NO animal products but still uses animal products such as leather, pearls, etc.
You're just a vegetarian. I was the exact same way when I was a vegetarian (except I didn't eat eggs, unless they were already used in a product). Btw, free range does not equal ethical or humane.

vegan :D

I seem to remember the late Linda McCartney making a comment to the effect that being a vegetarian was like being pregnant.

You either were or you weren't. There was no middle ground.

Looking at the information you've supplied, then you are a vegetarian. The word 'strict' is meaningless.

I think you are a vegetarian, your habits is very good, this kind of food and nutrition, you both won't get fat. Do you also should eat some vegetables, so the more conducive to health.

"I don't wear leather, wool or silk" is a vegan quality, not vegetarian, as is "I don't eat or use animal tested products."

a vegitarian with a hint of vegan

borderline vegan


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