Pomegranate juice is it really any good..?!

Question: Pomegranate juice is it really any good..?

here's a recipe for our fave drink POMEGRANATE LEMONADE
1cup lemon juice
1cup pom brand pomegranate juice
2cups sugar
place all in a gallon container add water till full shake and serve over ice it's awesome

Yes. It helps you make more blood. Even better than the juice, is the pomegranate itself. Remember this. The fruit or vegatable itself is always better than Its juice

Apparently so, but even so, it sure is yummy! And, being a fruitjuice, unless you are diabetic, then its going to be good for you anyway.

Yes pomegranate juice is both delicious and healthy. I understand that it is very rich in antioxidants.

In what sense? As in tasty or healthy? Yes, both-but I also prefer the fruit to the juice-it's cheaper, too.

Yes it is good for your health. It gives you vitamins and also energy.

yes its really helps even more than juice

Yes! and it's delicious :)

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