How can I increase my calories without increasing carbs, fat or protein?!

Question: How can I increase my calories without increasing carbs, fat or protein?
I am following a meal plan to try and lose weight and I have planned out my meals for today but my calories seem too low, even though my fat, protein and carbs are within the ranges. Any help on foods I can snack on to up my calories without increasing the other numbers too much?
I am supposed to have
1200-1300 calories - am at 872
100-130g carbs - at 121
27-60g fat - at 43
60-137g protein - at 70


Well I don't know how you got 121 carbs from 872 calories, but maybe you should change those foods instead. Most foods rich in carbs are also high in calories? So for the carbs I would recommend whole wheat products... but from that meal plan, you need something that can have protein and a small amount of fat, but no carbs... I'd go for healthy fats like olive, avocado, nuts, etc. I'd check how much fat is in a serving, but they tend to be very filling. Also, instead of reducing carbs, you should exercise more because that is what you need to exercise.

you can loose weight on 1500 calries but leave the fat to 10 % and increase the fiber content for filling full in beans and whole vegetables and fruits that are whole.
carbs are good for you and would be better for you than extra protein but the calories are from carbs protein and fat and fat has 9 cal per unit instead of 4 like the carbs and protein.
and the best idea is to add exercise to that it will help also.fifteen minutes a day times two.

Looks like you've got a lot of wiggle room on protein and a little on fats. I would think maybe some lean meat, like boneless skinless chicken breast or lean fish (as opposed to oily fatty fish like salmon)

Another option would be skim milk mozzarella cheese - like fat free string cheese or some other lowfat cheese.

You might even be able to have some almonds...

The only thing other than carbs, fat, and protein that contains calories is alcohol... so I'd recommend increasing carbs, fat and protein up to the higher end of your desired range in order to get enough calories.

You can't do it; anything with calories is going to have at least one of them.

You're at the low end of the protein scale, so try a high protein, low fat food.

You have lots of space yet on the protein, so nuts or beans would be an option.
Also, though it would increase your carbs some, anything really high in fibre is an option as well.

Good luck with this plan, but I think you're make a serious mistake by eating so many carbs. I'd include more lean protein and fewer carbs.

quinoa is extremely health and has a high calorie also has a high protein count too though.

good question, but if you really want to lose weight why not just leave it at 872 calories? its pretty close, almost 900? seems alright to me


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