Do you think killing animals is completely wrong?!

Question: Do you think killing animals is completely wrong?
Like, for fun, basically, I know a lot of people who go out and shoot rabbits and such and they take photos and I see them and I feel absolutely disgusted. I'm a vegetarian but I actually felt like this before I was one. And do you think it's wrong to kill animals for food too? Thankyou for answering :)


I do.

Going to a "place" and setting up your gun HQ then deciding it's fun to shoot at stuff. For greed? To eat for pleasure??
IN part of that hunting equation- LIKING the taste of meat.
If it wasn't fun, and the meat wasn't a taste factor would it happen? Because if it was JUST for sustenance, then why wear all the gear, and get involved in the life?
It's a way of life for some- to go out and shoot like a thug. There is no way those people do it because they don't want to- they do want to. That's what is considered fun- wanting to do it, and then eating/displaying/repeating the experience. Come off it.'re not an evolved human.

For food, yes. Wrong. Morally, ethically. practically, wrong.
You don't need animal meat for food. OK, if you are the only being around , no shops, no other plane passengers to eat, that's an extraordinary circumstance.
To kill-- most people don't thing about that word enough for what it means and what they are doing- to KILL, there is no justification, unless self defence . You were born, so were others. So was another animal- your brother, your kid. There is no spiritual or moral justification to eliminate the life given to someone else - another animal.

Catastrophe situations aside.

Considering that people who hunt for recreation--rather than for sustenance--typically do so in an effort to recapture some primal masculinity, the notion of hunting rabbits for sports is kind of hilarious, in a pathetic sort of way. I think that causing harm is evil, even if the recipient of that harm is not human. If that harm is necessary, then so be it, but that doesn't change the fact that one has done harm. Recreational hunting is not only evil, but completely unnecessary.

I think it is OK to kill animals if you are planning on eating the meat...and preferably using the skin as well. I don't agree with factory farming, I actually think its more ethical to go out and shoot a rabbit for your dinner as though the rabbit is killed it has lived a happy, free life up until its death unlike factory farmed animals. I do not agree with snares or other cruel traps though, only shooting as its reasonably quick, even if you miss once you catch up with the animal you can dispatch it quickly, unlike leg hold traps which can cause hours or even a day of suffering depending on when the traps are checked again.

I think its wrong to kill animals for sport. There's just something odd to me about killing a living being for chuckles...can't think why you would want to do that. I get that some people enjoy the sport of hunting and shooting and fishing but at least USE what you kill, don't just kill for the sake of killing.

I could never kill an animal myself and that is why I'm vegetarian. I think unless you can go out and kill the animal yourself then butcher it you don't really have the right to eat it. Buying shrink-wrapped meat in a supermarket divorces us from nature...I reckon many more people wouldn't eat it if they had to kill it. It was different in times gone by, people needed meat to get all their nutrients, but with a global economy many of us are fortunate enough not to need meat.

I may feel differently if some sort of world disaster happens and I have to build my own traps to catch squirrels and stuff, but unless that happens I'm happy not consuming animals.

No, it's not wrong.

Why is it wrong for humans to kill animals, but ok for animals to kill animals? If you say animals don't have a conscience, does that mean that Ted Bundy should not have been tried and convicted of killing all those women? He didn't have a conscience. He never thought it was wrong to kill another being until he got caught. Jeffrey Dahmer killed and ate people. He had no conscience, so was it ok?

On the other hand, you say humans know better. But then you'll be telling me that animals are our equal?

Your opinion is your opinion and that's fine. But, IMO, there's no REASON not to kill animals....whether we do it for food or not. The lion doesn't eat every bite of the zebra. What he leaves is cleaned up by other animals. Same goes for anything a human shoots in the wild. If he doesn't take it, something will eat it. Buzzards, coyotes, foxes all need to eat, too.

BTW, virtually every bit of animal killed for human consumption is used for something. There's little or no waste from the cow, pig, chicken killed.

Things made from dead cows:

I like animals very much ,i think they are cute and they are members of our environment,we humans should not kill them .animals are our friend ,they also do good to our is
cruel to kill animals ,i hate someone who kill the animals .animal is also a life ,we should respect them.

I think it's wrong to raise animals solely for the purpose of killing them later. That's why I've been eating only free range meats. They're more expensive, but it's worth the satisfaction of knowing that you're not supporting a business that treats animals inhumanely.

for recreation, yes... but for

I've been a vegitarian for a little over 5 years now, not completly for animal rights, but just because Of what kinds of food i wish to consume.

Alot of new vegetarians say that they don't eat meat to prevent animal product usage, but just be weary, your car may have leather seats, you wear belts and shoes, you eat marshmellows!

just make sure your veg for the right reasons, not just to support some stupid misguided PETA movement

No not at all in fact killing animals for food is a very basic human function. Now I do not think that it is okay to kill an animal out of sport. And I do not think it is okay to torture an animal before it is killed for food.

I'm 42 and have been hunting for 31 years. I have never met anyone that hunted just for fun. I eat everything that I kill and I think its completely natural to kill animals for food.

We need meat for nutients... That's why all you vegetarians need vitamins all the time and look so unhealthy...let the thumbs down commence

Meat, it's what's for dinner

No. Why would it be when killing animals for food is a basic human instinct. The how is not relevant.

In nature always someone eats someone.

yes its indefensible

vegan biologist

I love animals. They are so tasty :P

Yes, I feel you. I'm a vegeterian as well but before I too used to feel the satifaction of hunters bringing home the fresh kill but now I feel sick just thinking about it. This is wrong and with America, speficly, what's going to happen is we're going to kill too many livestock for money and be left with pollution from factors, no more dairy products, and everything will go wrong.

if you rape them first then its alright...MUSTANGS

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