How do I get her off my back?!

Question: How do I get her off my back?
Hi there :)
I became vegetarian recently and I told everyone ( friends/ family ). They are all happy for me except for one of my closest friends. She keeps talking about protien and how you don't get enough and I'm trying to tell her that you can get protien but she just doesn't listens. I really need some facts right now about how its not bad for you and how your not losing nurtirents because I don't want to lose a friend today. She says she's worried and all of this stuff about you NEEDING meat. Please if you have any suggestions on what I can say to her please tell me :) I know that sometimes people go on the vegetarian and vegan page to say "no you need meat" but please don't do that. I'm sorry but I already made a preminate lifestyle. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions :)

Have a good day/night :D
Love Gwen~


I'm a meat eater and i know that no one needs meat thats ridiculous , if thats the case why are there thousands of species of animals that survive solely on vegetation.If its worrying you though you should contact a nutritionist or a dietitian and he/she will tell you what is best to eat so you avoid missing out any important nutrients.

My sisters a vegetarian if thats counts as a source

tell her that the american dietetic association along with they mayo clinic and the USDA all say that it's safe and healthy.
good luck :)…………

Actually, you don't need some facts to convince her. You just need to say, "Let's agree to disagree". You clearly have no interest in listening to her "facts" and she has no interest in listening to your "facts."

So, it will be a lot more relaxing for both of you just to shut up and eat your dinners.

Just say "*****, I get my protein from beans and eggs!" okay really, just tell her you respect her eating meat so she should respect you not.

Well, no matter what you do... millions of cows and chickens are still going to die and be consumed even though you have turned vegetarian. You are losing a ton of nutrients that fuels your brain and the rest of your bodily functions and the pills you take to fill up those nutrients are not efficient and can not replace the real stuff. Humans were physically made to eat meat since the beginning. Being a vegetarian is your choice and your friend should respect that. If you want to stop eating meat doesn't mean they have to as well. Just say "Hey listen, this is my life and I'm gonna eat what i want to eat whether you like it or not".

Good luck!

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