So guys, Apples or Bananas?!

Question: So guys, Apples or Bananas?
Is seems pretty clear guys, so, apples or bananas?


I like pears.

Hi. I'd say an apple. They are juicy and full of Vitamin C which is great for preventing flu. However I also like bananas, because they are a healthy food packed full of potassium and fibre. Potassium is a great "brain food" and the fibre keeps me going. Sometimes if I am in a rush in the morning I will grab a banana as it will keep me full throughout the whole morning because it is so high in fibre. Apples also contain fibre but they do not keep me as full as bananas do.

I'm conflicted. They're both great. And then I thought, well which do I cook with more? And the answer came to the same thing: both.

If I had to pick, I'd say bananas.

depends on if you want to gain weight or not lol i dont, so i go with apples

Sounds like a perverted joke, hah
I'm gonna go with bananas anyway :)

bananas yummy

Apples. They don't squish as easily


Apples! I love apples so much

apples, granny smith apples,

I could live of those things....for real :D

apples of course

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