I need vegetarian help?!?!

Question: I need vegetarian help?!?
I want to be a vegetarian because I just saw a video that was horrible. It showed what happens to animals before they get slaughtered, and it hurt me. I have no idea where to start, like what foods do I eat, is it hard, what do i do for lunch at school? I'd like help, please?


Hello there :)
I became vegetarian and it was the best choice I have ever made! Lets see, to start, just plain stop eating the cute animals. It's all about willpower and how much you have. I just wanted to stop eating meat and as easy as that just stopped. Foods to eat? Normal besides eating meat. Pasta is good, like noodles. You can try soy products or other meat alternative products. I have tried some and they tasted just like meat or even better. Lunch at school? I know this is a tricky one, believe me. At mine they have cheese pizza, which might be an option at your school. The best thing to do for lunch is to bring your own lunch like soup or noodles. Have you heard of organic food? It's food that hasn't been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals of the sort. You might want to eat food like that, it's really healthy. I became vegetarian and I have an enormous amount of energy every second of the day. I have lost weight and my skin is much clearer. And i no longer have an conscience that says "hey what are you doing? That was a living creature!" All around it is a great lifestyle but make sure you get a balanced diet. Try to avoid sugary treats or junk food, I tended to eat more of that to make up for the meat. Please make the choice, It's really a good one :)

Consider it please :D

Me being a vegetarian and loving it every second!!!

Okay I have been a vegeterian my whole life, it is not that hard. When you have to go out to eat anywhere, just make sure you view the vegeterian options. If you are at a restaurant, and there is something you want, just order it without meat. For example, order the mediterranian pizza, without meat. Also at school, start packing your own lunch, that will open up more options and if you want to buy from the school, just ask for the no meat option, they are required to provide one. Also know the world and country are becoming open-minded, being a vegeterain can be very easy and you will find food options, nearly everywhere you go.

I would strongly suggest you DO NOT become a vegetarian. That was not what evolution designed you for. Evolution designed you to eat meat and vegetables. If you want your body to look the best don't stop eating meat.You shouldn't worry about what happens to the animals that get killed before you eat them because death is not a bad thing. Also Im sure whatever source you found that from was a bad source because animals are not legally aloud to be abused like that so whatever was happening on that video didn't hurt the animal or was faked.

My Father is a doctor

Well, first off you need to back up the information you received from the video with solid facts and be sure of why you are becoming vegetarian. Then you communicate with the people you live with and or who feed you. After that you deal with the food. I do totally understand though, lunches at school are hard at first but I get by on veggie wraps (tortilla wraps) for school which are delicious and healthy. For the rest of your day I would make sure you are getting enough protein and iron for your body, after a week or so it gets pretty easy. Good Luck : )

I recently started being vegetarian for the same reason as you. It's quite easy actually. At lunch, if you buy lunch at school, ask for no meat and if they make you get it (They make me sometimes) just don't eat it. Make sure you eat lots of protein though. If they have yogurt, cheese, beans, any other types of protein, make sure to eat it! It's very important to get lots of protein. You can also buy these soy meat (fake meat) at stores. I normally buy mine at Fred Myers. They're all frozen food and by the brand "Morning Star" (I might be wrong about the brand, check in the frozen foods at Fred Myers and look for something in a green box with the the first word morning. Sorry for the inconvienience)
Hope this helps you! Good luck!! :)

This is my favorite snack evveerrr!!!!
1cup of Bulgar wheat takes 2 cups of water (combine in a large GLASS bowl and soak over night)
Add all the wheat and cut up some tomatoes and cucumbers and add
Add in 1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil if you want
add salt and pepper to taste and chill in the fridge for about an hour and eat it!! it sooo yummy and its pretty healthy! It will keep for a week or so so eat it up quick!!

you can also use the bulgar wheat without all of that just the soaked stuff with yogurt and Fresh fruits (if your not a vegan)

My dad makes this with me and its so so sooo good!!!

You.. don't eat meat? Its really not all that complicated. Peanut butter sandwiches for lunch at school? There's usually plenty of vegetarian options, at least at my school. Its not hard at all, five years and still going strong right here.
If you end up stopping, bring meat back into your diet gradually though. I accidentally ate a salad with bacon bits a few months after I started, and I almost puked.
So beware of bacon bits!

Well, I'm a Vegan and a former Vegetarian. It's pretty easy. School lunches always have something to eat and if you feel uncomfortable you can always take your lunch.
Start by slowly taking meat out of your diet one meal at a time, replace them with faux meats.
Good luck!(:

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