I need help with being a vegetarian?!

Question: I need help with being a vegetarian?
Hey, so I've been a vegetarian, not eating any meat, for about 8 months now. But I like to take it a little further. No animal tested products, and no clothing made of animal. What are the things I can't wear, and what are they made of? Also, should I throw out or give away the clothing made of animal I already have? Thanks for all the help! =]


Congratulations on the next step!

Leather and fur, the obvious ones.
Wool and silk too if you are ready for that transition.

Whether you throw them out or give them away is your own choice. If you have fur, there are many organizations that will take donations and offer them to orphaned wildlife rehab infants, at one point Buffalo Exchange was taking the donations. Personally, I would prefer to donate it too charity so it doesn't simply go to waste, but that's just me.

As far as animal testing, Peta has a good list of companies that do not test. Many organic products, or higher end products do not test. Try shopping at Wild Oats or similar, or somewhere local if you have a place!

You'll be able to find tons of more detailed info online.

Also...I feel I should ask..have you considered the transition to a vegan diet yet? It's by far the best thing you can do for the animals!


No leather
No silk
No petroleum based synthetics (billions of tiny animals died to make oil)
No textiles at all (animals are killed when fields are planted and harvested)

No clothes.
No Veggies. (Again, animals die when fields of veggies are planted and harvested)
No Grains (See above).
No nothing.

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