I just turned 21, so what's the best beer to buy?!

Question: I just turned 21, so what's the best beer to buy!?

now don't go get all thinkin 'bout brews, go to a few bars and try some tame stuff!. Don't think you know anything about beer until you've drank a few hundred glasses!.

no sense talking to your friends about what they like-- everyone is different and beer is one of those things is filled with peer pressure to drink what everyone else likes!.

Realize that americans in general like a beer they can drink tons of -- screw the taste

As you get older and less impressonable you will start to like beers with lots of flavor-- but you can't drink as many!. You'll find the " more is better" crowd calling these beers as nasty-- were talking Heinekin and other skunky beers!. The truth is they are reallly good, but you can't drink a ton of them!.

As you get older yet you will enjoy beers like sammy adams, red beers, stout beers and such!.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy a few beers, not a few cases!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

The best American beer to drink is MGD!. It's smooth and has a good taste!.You really dont miss with any Miller Products

Stay away from anything that say's Coor's (eww gad thats nasty)

Bud Light is a beer that you drink when you feel like getting wasted cause you can drink a **** load of them(kinda like water beer)!.But Budweiser is a solid beer!.

Sam Adams is a weird strong tasting beer that I cant put my finger on!. Only folks in Boston love it really!. It taste wierd!.

Now for foreign beers I suggest Stella Artois!. It's a beer from Belgium but it's great!. It's a better version of Heineken!.

Dos Equis is also good a good latin beer!. Corona's are cool but too overhyped!. Do not drink Tecate!. No

Stay away from the darker beers till you had your experience!. Guiness is a smooth dark ale but doesn't taste that great!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

your 21 and dont have a fav!. beer!?!?!?!? wow thats rare, its all on your personal choice!.

however if you havent ever drank it before its all gonna taste bad to you!. Start out with a tamer beer (stay away from Guiness or Stronger Ales and Laugers)

Honestly I started on Bud Light but that lasted half a night before i was all about drinking the "LEADED" beer aka BUDWEISER!!!

perhaps try a blended beer like the new Bud Light Lime for your first night!!!

However honestly you just turned 21 F*** it get some vodka or Tequila and go to town!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

For the love of god, do NOT get Bud!. Rookie move!.

If you're new to beer, you should start off with something light!.!.!. I recommend something like Blue Moon, Shock Top, or any Hefeweisen (Franziskaner if you can get it, Pyramid and Widmer are good too)!. Some brown ales like Newcastle would be good too, but stronger beers like Pale Ales are more of an acquired taste, you might want to work up to those!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Happy belated Bday, but favs are as unique as the drinker so I suggest doing the only logical thing i can think of and DRINK THEM ALL!!! CHEERS! (passes out on the floor)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Bud light!. It's cheap!. Tastes good!. Is less fattening!. And gives the same buzzzz! Cheers!Www@FoodAQ@Com


Sam AdamsWww@FoodAQ@Com

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