How do I make wine out of Welch's Grape Juice?!

Question: How do I make wine out of Welch's Grape Juice!?
* 1 gallon Welch's grape juice (red or white)
* sugar to raise s!.g!. to 1!.095
* 2 tsp acid blend
* 1 tsp pectic enzyme
* 1 tsp yeast nutrient
* 1 pkt Montrachet wine yeast

In a quart jar, activate yeast in ? cup of grape juice and ? cup of warm water with ? teaspoon of sugar and 2 pinches of yeast nutrient dissolved in it!. Cover and set aside to develop a vigorous fermentation!. Pour grape juice in primary and float a hydrometer in it to determine sugar content!. Add sufficient sugar to raise specific gravity to 1!.095 (see hydrometer table at http://winemaking!.jackkeller!.net/hydrom!.!.!.!. and stir well to dissolve sugar and assist sulfites (sulfur dioxide) in dissipating!. Add remaining ingredients except yeast!. Cover primary and set aside 12 hours!. Every 2 hours add ? cup of grape juice to the jar of yeast starter!. After 12 hours, add activated wine yeast and recover primary!. When active fermentation slows down (about 5-7 days), transfer to secondary and fit airlock!. When clear, rack, top up and refit airlock!. After additional 30 days, stabilize, sweeten if desired and set aside 10-14 days to ensure refermentation does not ensue!. Carefully rack into bottles and age at least 3 months!. [Author's own recipe]Www@FoodAQ@Com

It has been pasteurized so you can't!.!.!. you could add a simple syrup and some wine yeast and get it to ferment!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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