Can u make moonshine from just suger and water?!

Question: Can u make moonshine from just suger and water!?
i have a picher in the basment of just suger and water with a plastic bag over it and two small holes in the top im hopeing to us the nateral yeast in the air to ferment it any advise am i doing some thing wrong and tell me how long it need to ferment and also step by step on how to make the mash to moon shine in like 2 to 4 hours i mean pretty fast lolWww@FoodAQ@Com

Would be much better to use wine/beer/spirit yeast though is quite possible with wild yeast- the problem is that they will not produce high quantities of alcohol!. The yeast will also not be too healthy without some yeast nutrients- they will produce lots of off flavour ethers!.

Moonshine typically refers to the distilled end product!. The perfect mixture would be of sugar, water, yeast nutrients and a special distillers yeast that ferments to high alcohol levels!.

You cant make a brew in under 4 days!.

The entire fermentation will take 2 weeks or so and then you will have to distill it- requiring special eqipment (a still), to produce a high alcohol >17% drink!.

If you are just after making some quick and cheap booze, without distilling- go to the store and get some yeast (preferably brewers, but in a pinch baking yeast will do) and a big bottle of apple juice!.

Drink a cup of the apple juice, add 1 desertspoon of the yeast and cover with clingfilm (dont put the cap back on)!.

Hope this helps!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Nobody I know is hard up enough to drink the results of what you propose!. Wait a decade until you are old enough to buy liquor legally!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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