The fermentation process of alcohol?!

Question: The fermentation process of alcohol!?
so i saw on this show about the process of alcohol fermentation!. what is so important about the CO2 being released!? and what would happen if it didn't get released!? also, why is it bad if the fermenting alcohol comes in contact with air!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

The importance of CO2 being released is that in a seal container, that is what will carbonate a beer!. It is also important that there be some sort of airlock that lets air escape during fermentation so pressure doesn't build up!.

It is bad if fermenting alcohol comes in contact with the air because there are many wild yeast and other micro-organisms and bacteria in the air!. The composition of wort (unfermented beer) is very hospitable to these micro-organism, not just brewers yeast, and they can contribute undesired flavors to the beer!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If CO2 isnot released it is trapped in the drink and it becomes a fizzy drink!. That is how they get bubbles in Champagne and beer!.

You don't want bubbles in still wines!.

It is notnecessarily bad for fermenting drinks to be in contact with air; much red wine is fermented in open containers - although a cap of grape skins offer someprotection, and a well known technique is putting a small pipe in the tank and bubble oxygen through the fermentingwine - a process called micro-oxygenation!.

Generall air is to be avoided because of airborne yeasts & microbes and rick of oxidation, but there are so many different ways to ferment drinks, beers, red wines white wines, sparkling wines that such blanket statements cannot cover all the issues!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

CO2 is the other byproduct of fermentation, the primary product being ethanol!. If not released, pressure could build up and explode!.

Alcohol + Oxygen!.!.!. Oxygen is necessary for wine to age, however, too much oxygen and you are left with something flat and lifeless, let alone tasting of vinegar!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

true story: I am brewing my 2 or 3rd batch and my burper ( a little plastic thing on the top of the carboy[glass jug]) get all filled and plugged with crap!. and it sat in my garage fermenting while this was plugged!. and it sat and it sat and it sat!. So I finally noticed it and thot "hey thats gross I should clean that" i removed the burper leaving only a small 1/4" size hole in the rubber stopper!. But as soon as i pulle dthat burper the brew shot strate up like a geyser hitting the ceiling in the garage! raining beer all over me, the garage, the floor, all the other crap thats in the garage!. by the way it was right before i went to bed and i was just in my underwear! I look back now and laugh about it!. man oh man iwas surprised!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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