I am getting fat slowly, errr not so slowly, but surely; This week I am drinking shots to gain. YAY. ME!?!

Question: I am getting fat slowly, errr not so slowly, but surely; This week I am drinking shots to gain!. YAY!. ME!!?
About 5 weeks ago I decided to abandon my 117 weight of 10 years and try to get pudgy!. Each week since I have had a theme!. One week its been rich fancy food!. Another junk food!. Another it was snacks and nothing warmed, just yummy crinkled bagged things!.

This week I am drinking shots of Amaretto and drinking White russians and developing my drinking skills!. I have never been a drinker before but, this is definately packing the pounds on me!. I had gained 22 pounds before this week!. Up from 117 to 139!.

And, lickher has put 6 more on me! I dont want muscle, just soft flabby fat!. I want to be around 165 to 180 i think!. I love bigger women and always dreamed of being one!.

Any of you gained on purpose to be pudgy!? What helps you gain!. Please no rude or negative remarks, they are so boring!.

I am gaining mostly in my belly, love handles, thighs and tooshie!. I have gotten a few stretch marks and a few new dimples of celulite, all good stuff!.

Gimme recipes, stories!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I had kept my weight in the low 200s during my 30s and in my early 40s realized I was happiest when I was fat (I was a very fat child and topped out at 500 in my first year in college)!. So for the last 12 years I have been gaining weight!. I like to eat and for about 10 years traveled all the time for my work!. I would focus on eating at all you can eat places!. At first it took some adjusting by over the years I was adding 40 pounds a year!. I love being very large and am glad to see that you are liking the weight gain!. Good luck!. I never used alcohol as a way to gain weight!. Just food and not much fast food!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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