Does alcohol make you fearless?!

Question: Does alcohol make you fearless!?

No !.!.!. It reduces your natural fear to a degree you might think you are fearless and slows down your ability to realize how deep of **** you really are in, right up until a fist the size of your head knocks you into next week!.

Then you realize it was not being fearless, it was a huge lack of proper thinking (also known as stupidity) that got you where you are!.

Wisdom is the use of intelligence and with wisdom you don't drink that much, or if you do!. You take the better part of valor and keep your trap shut !.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

For me no, and I do drink a lot!.!.!. as far as people go, alcohol amplifies you're attitude!. If you're in a fun place, and you're having fun, alcohol will make you more likely to have fun!. I'm kind of a "downer" in most places, so when I drink at most bars (which I don't think are that fun) I'll just sit there and keep to myself!. If some one sparks my interest or something I'm into, while drinking, I'm usually game, to a certian extent!. There have been nights where I've gotten three or four phone numbers from girls, (and I always give them mine) however a few days later they're pissed I never called!. When I explain that I was a little drunk when I got the number, most of the girls actually understand and/or appreciate that I didn't call!. In rare case that I bring a girl home, I refuse them untill morning untill we're both sober, and more often than not, girls (even if shadowed with guilt for going home with a random guy) really appreciate the consideration!. Those that actually like me, not only appreciate it, but it's worth the wait!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It will make your ability to make rational decisions less, if you drink enough, and lower you inhibitions!. But usually it will just make you do things you either won't remember or which you didn't remember later!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

NO dont drink alcohol its bad :(




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