How to i stop drinking?!

Question: How to i stop drinking!?
i have been going to aa meeting & have a sponsor!. i am ruining my life!. i am hurting others around me too!.when the weekends come i find myself say what do i do!?!? any suggestings from people that have gotting soberWww@FoodAQ@Com

It's been a week now!. I was heavy on the beer due to major stress issues in my house!. I got worse by the day!. I decided to give it up for my own health and financial needs!.

I make sure that there is plenty of water, gatoraid, Special K protein water and tea in the house!. I keep myself busy all day, either with my dogs or just housework!.

I take the money that I would have spent on beer and put it into a special savings account for a "beer free vacation"!.

I am not going to AA, I did this on my own!. My family didn't even know that I did it until it was done!. Yes, weekends are harder than weekdays!. I don't go to bars right now!. I stay with friends and family, watch movies, yard work or sit on the front porch and count the speeding vehicles racing down my street!.

Congratulations! Think of all the money you'll save!. Plan something nice for yourself and count the days!. I counted the hours for the first few days!Www@FoodAQ@Com

The first thing you can do is also the hardest, once you admit that you have a problem you can them go about finding the best way to solve it!. Take a step back and look at everyone round about you, your family your friends everybody that you hold dear!. then ask 'how am i affecting them!?' you havae to have a need to get better, if you can identify that need, which could be the question i added, go to AA speak to your sponsor get everyone involved!. keep being positive, focus of the small goals you set your self and then you will beat it!. one question you need to answer is 'How do you eat an elephant!?' one small piece at a time, realise that you might stumble along the way but dont be disheartened by this, if anything take encouraement from it!.

hope this helpsWww@FoodAQ@Com

It's like any other addiction, you must decide for yourself "I want to quit living like I am" and stick to it!.
There is no "cure" for addiction, it is a conscious and ever present decision to control one's actions!.
After living like a bum for many years due to drugs and alcohol, I had to make the decision!. It was very hard at first and many times I slipped, but after time it got easier and now I don't even think about it but every once in a while!. When I do, I just remember how awful my life was before and that's all it takes to keep me sober!.
You may think that the "one day at a time" thing is corny or stupid, but it's the only way that it will work!. Sometimes it can't even be a day - it has to be minute by minute!. Each time the urge to drink (or drug) comes over you, just decide that you won't drink for that minute, hour, or day!. You must keep telling yourself that it will get better and you're doing the right thing!. Otherwise, you'll go right back to your old habits!.
Try to figure out what happens in your life just before you have the urge to drink!. That's called a "trigger" and when you figure out what it is that's triggering your desire to drink, then you can overcome the urges a lot better!.
Good Luck!!! I know it's hard, but it's so worth it!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Posting to Beer Wine and Spirits is a bit like going to the bar and sharing with the drunk on the next bar stool!. You won't find a solution unless you look where solutions are found!.

Your struggle is normal, you have to make a decision!. It can be that simple!.!. Truth is, the "phenomena" of craving is what kills a lot of us!.

Check yourself into a treatment center, or get serious about attending AA, two or three meetings a day is necessary!.
Call Stu, several times a day, and get more phone numbers!.

Erik, get more then one sponsor, but use them!. call them, and be honest with about what is going on in your head!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Remember my friend, people, places and things have to change!. Progress not perfection!. You may still slip, but its ok as long as your moving forward!.

Instead of worrying constantly about "not drinking", lets try working on "new healthy experiences to replace drinking" and also I recommend working with a counselor alongside this recovery to help you get to the core of why it is you drank in the first place!.

Email me if you like!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

i also have a drinking problem!.!.!. and im only 21 years old!.!. i started drinking when i was about 13 and by the time i was 17 i was drinkin baout 4 to 5 bottles of liquer a week!.!. at this time i didnt think anything was wrong with it because i was in highschool!.!. and who cared!.!. this is something i struggle with terribly!.!. my mother was addicted to alc!. for 30 years!.!. and it runs in my family!.!. almost every single family member!.!. i have not quite figured out how to stop drinking but i think about it everday!.!. this is one of the things that so many of us sturggle with!.!.!. i still go to work everyday but by 10:00 am im thinking!.!.!. yumm!.!.!. a drink would be nice!.!.!.!.!. i realized i had a problem about 5 monthes ago when i was taking some tylenol in the morning about!. 6:00 before work!.!. and i popped them in my mouth and chased it down with a big drink of wine!.!.!. ( a really big one) then later i thought about it!.!. and im like hmm its 6:00 in the morning and i chugging wine before work!.!.!. i am still in the process of trying to become sober!.!.!. i drink about 4 times a week still but i really really do want to stop!.!. its just its constantly in my head that i want to have a drink!.!.!. So i really cant give you any suggestions!.!. but i wanted to let you know that there are so many people like yourself out there!.!.!. and i feel your pain, i wish you the best of luck in life and i hope to God you have the will power to become sober!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If the meetings aren't helping you, you may have to go into a rehab program!. Talk to your Dr!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I bounced in and out of AA for almost twenty years, never sober for more than a few months at a time!. Finally, I got some decent help for the depression that fueled my drinking in 2001 and I've stayed stopped!.

Alcoholics Anonymous has been shown to have a 5% success rate, the same as no treatment at all, however, people exposed to AA are five times as likely to end up binge drinking that those who attempt quitting on theit own (Brandsma study) and AA has a mortality rate six times higher (Vaillant study)!.

I realized that my depression would never go away as long as I was drinking, even if it did help in the short run!. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, not picking up when every part of my being was demanding a drink, but it was also one of the simplest, "don't drink"!.

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