Malt Liquor? I need more information on this term. It's origins?!

Question: Malt Liquor!? I need more information on this term!. It's origins!?
Malt liquor is a generic term created by the government!. It was used after prohibition to disignate beers with an ABV-alcohol content above 5%!.

Malt liquor has several definitions!. It can be used to describe beers that are higher in alcohol
content than a state regulation for beer allows!. Malt liquor can also describe types of beer that
have added sugar or corn, or other substances which increase their total alcohol content!. Some
people use the term malt liquor disparagingly to mean an inferior beer, since malt liquor is often
sold in much larger containers than is traditional beer!.

From a legal standpoint, some states require beer to contain only a certain percentage of alcohol!. To be officially called beer, the alcohol level normally rests at about 5%!. Anything exceeding this limit may be called ale, lager or malt liquor!. Malt liquor may have as high or higher than 12% total alcohol!.
However, the number of brewers who now manufacture “beers” with at least a 12% alcohol
content is on the rise!. Small breweries on the West Coast of the US are particularly likely to have several brews with at least 12% alcohol content!. Thus on the West Coast, there may be no distinction made, and beers with higher alcohol content may not be referred to as malt liquor!.

Beers that have increased alcohol content through adding extra sugar or corn are usually
relatively sweet!. Malt liquor lacks the bitter taste one finds in some beers because it has been
sweetened and because it uses only a tiny amount of hops as compared to other beers!.

Early malt liquor brands emerged in the 1950s in the US!. First brands included Country Club, and Colt 45!. Malt liquor is frequently sold in a much larger bottle or container than traditional beer, and it is usually less expensive!. Malt liquor is often sold in 40 ounce (1!.18 liters) bottles!. Traditionally, most beers are sold in 12 ounce (!.35 l) bottles or cans!. A slang term for malt liquor is the forties, because of the bottle size!.

Pabst now owns Country Club beer and still manufactures it under the same name, although it is not a popular brand!. Today’s most popular brands of malt liquor include, Hurricane, Steel
Reserve, and Panther!. Many feel malt liquor is equivalent to certain poorly made wines that would have been drunk straight from the bottle like Andre or Ripple!. People often think of malt
liquor and sweet wines like Ripple as the drinks of those who wish to get drunk quickly!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Malt liquor is a North American term referring to a type of beer with high alcohol content!. Malt liquor is distinguished from other beers of high alcohol content in that the brewing process is seen by many as targeting high alcohol content and economy rather than quality!. However, this label is subject to the viewpoint of the brewer, as there are indeed examples of brews containing high-quality, expensive ingredients that brewers have chosen to label as "malt liquors" as well!. In the UK, similarly-made beverages are dubbed super-strength lager!.
While Colt 45, St!. Ides, and Olde English 800 are most closely associated with malt liquors in the United States, the beverage itself is older than these products!. Clix is often credited as the first malt liquor made in the United States, granted a patent in 1948!.[2] The first widely successful malt liquor in America was Country Club, which was first produced in the early 1950s by the M!.K!. Goetz Brewing Company, and marketed toward middle-class whitesWww@FoodAQ@Com

Honestly, Malt Liquor caps out at about 8%!. It also tastes like urine!.

There are a lot of great beers out there stronger than malt liquor, but they're not nearly as cheap!. I don't really understand why anyone would drink it!.

All in all, it's just beer!.!.!. that's brewed a little stronger than normal beer!. Since it's a lager, this translates to harsh grossness!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

its a low percentage of alcohol but its so so so so so so gooooooodddddd !.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's what African Americans drink to get back at the man!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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