What depends on how much someone can drink?!

Question: What depends on how much someone can drink!?
hey, i read on Heineken's site that it takes 2-3 hours for our body to break down glass of beer !.!.!.
so that means if you drink 1l of beer for 10 - 15 hours you won't get drunk!.!.!. anyway my question is what counts for our alcohol tolerance !.!.!.I heard it's mass but how does it affect it!? Are there any other factors (except that men can drink more than women) and can you give an example !.!.!.!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

As with any foreign substance introduced into the body, the determining factor is milligrams of alcohol per kilogram of body weight!.

Specifically, the alcohol will be evenly distributed in the blood stream!. If a 100 lb!. person has one ounce of alcohol, that person will have a level twice as high as a 200 lb!. person drinking the same amount!.

That still doesn't account for the differences in the speed or intake that different people experience in becoming intoxicated!. There are kidney enzymes which break down(metabolize) alcohol which are more active and active sooner in someone who drinks daily vs!. the person who drinks occasionally!.

Further, there are diferences among people in the way alcohol passes through the blood-brain barrier, thus differences in the rapidity or severity of intoxication!. Other causes can include nutritional state as well as emotional state!.

1 shot of whiskey,or 1- 8 oz glass of wine, or 1 -12 oz can of beer all have pretty much the same alcahol content! regardless of your size or gender your BAC level will be the same(blood alcahol content)if you drink the same amount of alchol!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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