What chewing tobacco gives the best buzz?!

Question: What chewing tobacco gives the best buzz!?

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My question is what chweing tobacco gives the best buzz!? I have tried Skoal Wintergreen, Skoal Apple, Skoal Vanilla, and Kodiak Wintergreen/ Mint!. The kodiak gave me a really good buzz!. And I like flavors too (No straight for me)!. And my other question is What is the best chew for the flavor!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

skoal gives off a weaker buzz compared to cheaper brands

skoal straight is probobly the strongest skoal!.!.

if thats not enough for you or u need something cheaper!.!.!.try red man or grizzly!.!.copenhagen too!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Camel makes a new product called SNUS!. It's basically chewing tobacco in a little pouch that you stick in your gum!. It's cool 'cause you don't have to spit so you can have it in your mouth while you're at work or school or whatever!. They make it in three flavors right now (plain, mint, and a fruity one I think)!.

I don't chew but my husband and friends do and they say it gives them a really crazy buzz, like they have to take it out after a few minutes!. Don't know if that helps!. also, I don't know if you smoke, but alot of the packs of Camel filters have coupons for a free tin of SNUS!. I smoke and have like 30 coupons for the stuff!. If you do smoke, find yourself a pack of Camels with the coupon and you got two tobacco products for the price of one!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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