Secondary fermentation (beer brewing)!

Question: Secondary fermentation (beer brewing)
I just siphoned beer from my primary fermenter to my secondary fermenter and was wondering how long that can sit in there!.
I wasn't sure if it would develope a krausen that could drop and make the beer bitter!.


No, in the 2ndary you can usually leave it in there for a long time!. I have left mine in there for 4 weeks once, and it didn't affect the flavor at all!. The krausen only occurs in the primary fermentation!.!.!.!.the 2ndary, unless you added sugars to it in the 2ndary, won't develop a krausen!. Good rule of thumb: 1-2-3!. 1 week in the primary, 2 weeks in the 2ndary, and 3 weeks in the bottle before drinking (although I find at least a month is best)!. Good luck! :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

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