Is the dark bier at the Oktoberfest from the bottom of the barrel?!

Question: Is the dark bier at the Oktoberfest from the bottom of the barrel!?


No, it comes from special roasted malts!.


The brewing uses a variety of starch sources in brewing beer!. The most popular is malted barley!. It provides, after processing fermentable sugars used by yeast to produce alcohol, CO2, and flavors!. When this barley or barley malt is roasted it becomes dark much like a coffee bean does!. A small percentage of this roasted malt gives dark color and flavor to a certain beer style!. Beer is made dark and given complex flavors by using a variety of pale, crystal, and dark malts!.

The dark beer at the bottom of the barrel is an old wives-tale or urban legend!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


No really it is the dark malts that give a beer the dark color and flavor!.
It is the Coca-Cola 7-UP analogy!.

They make a soda and as it ages the Coke settles to the bottom and the 7-UP is the lighter stuff on top!. Does not make sense does it!? So the same is true with beer!. When they want dark beer they make it that way!.

Dude you seriously need to learn about brewing beer because your thought process on brewing is FUBAR man!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

No!. Dark beer is made by fermenting the barley mash, then removing it and cooking it on a stove top to release more of the sugars, then fermenting it again!.

Gravity may play a part in how the beer ultimately tastes in the end, but not that much!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


At both the question and answers!.
Sorry dudes!.


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