Why is dry beer good?!

Question: Why is dry beer good!?
this may be a pretty stupid question, but why is beer better the drier it is!?! like everybody wants dry beer, super dry beer!.!.!. but why would you want a dry beer!? wouldnt you want a wet beer, that quenches your thirst!? whats with this dry beer!? please explain to me!? is it actually dry!.!. or is there something behind it!?!?
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Come on, I trust your just joking about this!.
It is wet!.
It appeals to diabetics and dieters as it is low in sugar!.

Beer in Japan had its start during the Edo Period when the Dutch opened beer halls for the sailors who worked on the trade route between Japan and the Dutch Empire!. Japanese-style commercial brewing has been exported to much of southeast Asia and factories are spread throughout the world!.

!.!.!.Dry Wars
The Dry Senso (ドライ戦争) or Dry Wars, was a period of intense competition between Japanese brewery companies over dry beer!. It began in 1987 with the launch of Asahi Super Dry by Asahi Breweries which led to the introduction of dry beer by other breweries!.
Taken from the wine industry the term dry is used in reference to sugar!. A dry wine contains a very low residual sugar content and thus so does a dry beer!.
The marketing and production of dry beers spread throughout the world!. One reason for the popularity of dry beer is the reduced residual sugars in the final product being popular with diabetics and the low carbohydrate diet trend!. The beer does contain some sugar but only a very much lower amount or concentration!. The fermentation is conducted with a high attenuating(degree of fermentation by yeast) yeast strain and a bit longer fermentation time!.
Example of yeast to brew Dry Beers at home!.

A word from one of the World's authority on beer, the late Michael Jackson!.

A final word!.
Most lager beers, especially Bohemian Pilsners, are low carbohydrate beers compared to Ales and other lager-Bocks!. The Dry Beer is one the just takes the issue a bit deeper!. Silly the need to say, yet no Dry Beer is wet not dry!.

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