What happens if the fermentation happens at 80 degrees?!

Question: What happens if the fermentation happens at 80 degrees!?
what will happen to my beer because i cant seem to get the temperature below 80 degrees and its bubbling away just fine!.!.!.!.!.!.why are we not supposed to brew at that temperature and what can i expect!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

The beer is fine!.

"!.!.!.!.!.!.why are we not supposed to brew at that temperature and what can i expect!."

In a word, esters!.

The temperature is not bad per se!. Too much above it can result in yeast that does not perform to its desired results!. A major problem with high temperature fermentation is the production of sweet aromatic compounds called esters!. They will not make the beer bad or unhealthy but perhaps unpleasant to drink!. This is true for specific styles of beer or if the sensory thresholds for taste and aroma are surpassed too much!.

A bit technical but to the point!.

Nice rad!.

Description: This is the fruity character found in some ales!. Certain yeasts will throw more esters than others!. Acceptable in most ales, not acceptable in clean lagers!. That banana aroma/flavor you get from a hefeweizen!? That's an example of ester(s)!.

Cause: Higher fermentation temperature will usually produce more esters, as will certain yeast strains!. Poor aeration of wort before pitching can also jack up the esters in your brew!.

Remedy: Make sure to ferment your beer at the correct temperature according to style and yeast strain!. Do your research on whatever yeast strain you are using!. Make sure to aerate wort thoroughly before pitching yeast!.


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