How much red wine do the Italians and French?!

Question: How much red wine do the Italians and French!?
consume on a daily basis!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Rank Countries Amount (top to bottom)
#1 Italy: 54 litres
#2 France: 47 litres
#3 Switzerland: 42 litres
#4 Austria: 36 litres
#5 Denmark: 32 litres
#6 Belgium: 30 litres
#7 Germany: 26 litres
#8 Australia: 21 litres
#9 United Kingdom: 20 litres
#10 Netherlands: 20 litres
#11 New Zealand: 19 litres
#12 Sweden: 16 litres
#13 Ireland: 13 litres
#14 Norway: 11 litres
#15 Japan: 10 litres
#16 Canada: 10 litres
#17 Finland: 10 litres
#18 United States: 7 litres

There is no fixed answer to this!. It probably is more, on average, than that of England or America or some place like that!. In France, they have wine with every meal except breakfast, and even children have watered down wine, or straight wine!. In the evenings in France, my grandfather's friend would take him and my dad on a "petit tour" where they would go to lots of different pubs at the end of the day and sample the wares from each place!. I think there's a bigger culture for drinking wine there, a larger appreciation for it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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