Why? is that China is mixing Milamine to the products?!

Question: Why!? is that China is mixing Milamine to the products!?
Knowing that the substance causes danger to the people why do they use this as what!? to the world to danger the lives or to make the population less in the world what are the main concept of this!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I don’t disagreed with grumpy geezer, but as far as I know the vast majority of cases are domestic to China!. They are doing it to themselves mostly with some now getting out to the rest of the world!.

As to why producers would add melamine to milk powder is baffling but why am I not surprised!. When I was living in Korea, it seemed like every other day, some company in the food chain was taking a shortcut to profits at the expense of public health!. Drove me nuts!. Couldn’t eat anything at one point ( I of course exaggerate)!.

China’s like the wild west!. No rules, only bribes and shortcut to easy money!. Did I insult somebody here!. Prove me wrong!. China’s becoming the new bread basket of the world and the bread basket is corrupt and half laced with chemicals!.

It shouldn’t be surprising considering, for their increase in per capita and increase in living standards, China still seems to resemble a serf society to me!. Instead of landowners and serfdoms, they have a political equivalent!. Their political hierarchy seems more motivated by PR and maintaining power over any real concern for the populace!. Do they know the term, “muckraking!?”

And, their value on human life is questionable!. After all, during the Korean War, part of their strategy (or tactic) was to employ a human wave of soldiers to defeat the Nato/US!. Regardless of how one feels about the military or soldiers or war, this particular method of throwing waves of attackers against defenders until the defenders run out of ammo is straight out of the middle ages!. The original million man army!. Basically soldiers are not human, just literally cannon fodder!. That attitude permeates their society at this point!.

I have not seen any attempt by the Chinese to get ahead of the power curve on this or any other issue!. Lead paint in toys, why it’s the foreign companies fault!. Bad chemicals in food, why its foreign media exaggerating and bashing China!. Its always the same!.

In this case, most of the unfortunate victims are Chinese children!. I hold no hope of relief for them!. I dearly hope someone can prove me (not that I am anyone) wrong and show that China cares!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

They don't care!. It's getting exported!. Not their problem!.
Why should they care!? What's the world gonna do about it!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

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